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Generate romlist from .tag files
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:23:46 PM »
Hi, I'm using attract mode on the pc (Windows 10) and was looking for a script or something to generate my favorites romlist from the favorites tags created in attract mode.
I did find a .bat script for doing this, but it took several minutes to complete. Couldn't find any way in attract mode either to create a romlist based on the tags.

So i created this little tool in a hurry, which will run through your .tag files, find the corresponding romlist.txt and create a new romlist with those tags.
In short: Use this tool to create your favorites.txt (or whatever) romlist :)

Written in c++, and is very fast.
Exe and Source included for free.

Example of usage:
Tag2Romlist -path C:\Attract\romlists -romlist Favorites.txt -sort

This will create a new file in C:\Attract\romlists with the name Favorites.txt
If the file already exist, a backup will be made automatically.
Because of the -sort option, all of the entries in Favorites.txt are sorted.