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Dolphin on Ubuntu
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:24:27 AM »
I've got attract mode working and finding the iso files and boxart.  I downloaded the dolphin emulator through retropie setup and on it's own through the website and can't get it to load any games.  Just boots me back to attract mode.  Stand alone dolphin works but would like to get it working through attract mode.

Here's my config for attract mode

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.1.0
executable           dolphin-emu
args                 -b -e "[romfilename]"
rompath              /media/yelever/SHARE/roms/gc
romext               .dol;.elf;.iso;.gcm;.wad;.wbfs;.gbz
system               Nintendo Gamecube
artwork    boxart           /media/yelever/SHARE/roms/gc/boxart
artwork    marquee         /media/yelever/SHARE/roms/gc/marquee
artwork    snap            /media/yelever/SHARE/roms/gc/snap
artwork    wheel           /media/yelever/SHARE/roms/gc/wheel

Running an i7 870
8gb ram