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SO here we go with another version of Attract-Mode!  Highlights include the ability to set custom layouts for the "displays menu"/Systems menu (finally), a new "edit game" command for tweaking game information (including the ability to customize the launch commandline on a per-game basis), mmal hardware accelerated video on the Rasberry Pi, an italian translation, various bug fixes and much more.

Full changelog is posted below, and downloads are available here:

[edit: OS X binary now posted]

# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.1.0 to v2.2.0

### Andrew Mickelson (36 commits)

* Bump to v2.2.0
* Issue #250 - Fix improper handling of "Upos" joystick axis
* Added scraping of game overview text from
* Added configure option to disable scraping of
* Fixed "Toggle Layout" when used on the displays menu layout
* Added layout options configuration for 'Displays Menu' layout
* [rpi] Issue #266 - Fix for keypresses being cached w/ sfml-pi build (non-X11)
* Added ability to set image origin in scripts (for centre rotations etc)
* Added customized layouts for the diplays menu/system selection menu
* Issue #264 - fixed SWF crash when unimplemented actionscript constant types encountered
* Added a no border window mode
* Issue #258 - Windows 10 v.1607 task bar fix (Fullscreen Mode)
* Limit the squirrel script functions available when gathering plugin descriptions
* Added an "RGB Movie" mode to the screensaver
* Updated the "Keyboard Search" plugin so "Back" clears the current search
* [linux] Fixed potential hang when waiting for emulator exit
* Issue #262 - Fixed sound volume setting after game return
* Added ability to generate multi-emulator romlists to the configuration interface.
* Misc. fixes to internationalization, updated italian translation
* Minor changes to mutex usage in media player
* Added ability to set a custom executable and arguments for each game
* Added an "Edit Game" action
* Fixed jumping cursor bug when using keyboard to edit
* Refactor of thegamesdb_scraper()
* Updates to the italian translation (P. Ghezzo)
* Fix cancel using the back button during scraping
* Added basic ability to edit text using a control pad (in config mode)
* [rpi] Default to "Fill Screen Mode" on the Raspberry Pi
* [linux] fix focus issues with exit hotkeys and "fullscreen mode"
* Issue #246 - Added ability to import mame listsoftware format xml
* Issue #247 - fixed the "Show in cycle" display setting
* Fixed memory leak when video frames are dropped
* Issue #245 - fixed fade module getting stuck when no image found
* [rpi] Issue #236 - Initial addition of MMAL video decoder support
* Issue #231 - revert to not randomizing artwork
* Issue #232 - fixed scraping of random system artworks
* Added Italian translation (author: P. Ghezzo)

### Dave Wongillies (1 commits)

* Minor changes to Debian packaging

### Jeffrey Clark (1 commits)

* osx package: work around libhfs dmg bug

### Rob Loach (1 commits)

* Add Dolphin configuration

Awesome work Ray! Congratulations on another excellent release :)

I can confirm that HQ-480P videos from Emu Movies runs beautifully on the Raspberry Pi 3 with mmal.


--- Quote ---* Added scraping of game overview text from
--- End quote ---

any special settings needed to be done in order to scrape game overview ? I did the usual way for NES but no game overview info in the romlist.


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