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Version 2.2.1 Released

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A new year and a new version of Attract-Mode!  Mainly bug fixes with this one, change log is posted below....

# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.2.0 to v2.2.1

### Andrew Mickelson (17 commits)

* Bump to version 2.2.1
* [linux] fixes for multimonitor mode with X11
* [rpi] Misc. cleanup of emulation launching on the RPi
* Added a description of the default controls to the readme
* Fix move speed in config menus when key held down
* Fix freetype2 header not found during compile
* [linux] Added --console cmdline option to enable script from console
* Improved combo key handling, added more initial key mappings
* Default "Confirm Favourites" value is now "true"
* Fix audio volume changing for layout sounds after running emulator
* Add cn entry in en.msg
* [windows] fix frontend not giving up focus in fullscreen mode
* [windows] fix 'working directory' setting when running an emulator
* [linux] Smoother transition to emulator from 'fullscreen mode'.
* Added "Working Directory" emulation setting
* Minor reorder of options in the misc. config menu
* Issue #250 - Fix improper handling of "Upos" joystick axis

### banemon (1 commits)

* cn.msg

### David Gillies (1 commits)

* Create Linux desktop entry

### Rene BIGOT (1 commits)

* Support for wheel fade

thank you as always.....

* Support for wheel fade
 what is this, how to use

Thank you.

Thank you!  Can you share what's next on the roadmap?  :)


--- Quote from: jedione on January 07, 2017, 07:00:00 AM ---thank you as always.....

* Support for wheel fade
 what is this, how to use

--- End quote ---

Read the commit here It's for the hyperspin.nut but you can dissect it and apply it to other layouts if you'd like.


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