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Version 2.4 sneaking in!

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Great job guys! Thanks for the hard work.

Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10.
x86 and x64.
Works perfect.

short info:
version 2.4 doesn't longer supports native Windows XP/WinXP.
shows different missing .dll errors / .dll files not found
If you're using WinXP use still up to version 2.3 or look for special and seperate version of AM 2.4 for WinXP:
x86 / 32 bit here
x64 / 64 bit here

It's great! And Mac OS availability is even better :)

My theme is having problem with zorder (because I never got how it actually worked in the old version LOL). Where I can find a detailed explanation of how zorder works now?

Manual do Fliperama:
How to update the version for Ubuntu?

I compiled it for Linux 64 bit and it worked.


it is listed in the "Layouts.txt" file in the main folder

* `zorder` - Get/set the Image's order in the applicable draw list.  Objects
     with a lower zorder are drawn first, so that when objects overlap, the one
     with the higher zorder is drawn on top.  Default value is 0.


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