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General / Joystick controls - SFML issue
« on: November 11, 2020, 08:06:01 AM »
Hi All,

Something strange occurring here, I've got attractmode setup to my needs and was manipulating frontend from keyboard till now.
Then I connected my joystick "Hori Real Arcade Pro EX" to the computer via USB and then turn back to controls menu in attractmode TAB menu.

No Joystick input are detected.

I do confirm joystick is well installed and driver associated by win10 is "Xbox 360 Controller".
The joystick is working in win10 joystick test fonction and even tested on online flash games.

But attractmode seems to not recognized it at all.
Even in joystick mapping option for JOY0, JOY1, ... when I select JOY0 and hit enter the setting remains to "default", I am not able to select anything else.

I can't figure it out and I'm starting to loose my sanity on this one ...

Any comment or advise is welcome :)

General / Mame 0.225 Roms Filtering - Best of the best
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:21:46 PM »
Hi guys,

What do you think of this Best of the best filter ?
Am I missing something great or noticeable that shall be included ?

Code: [Select]
        filter               All
        filter               "Best of the best"
exception    Name equals aafbd2p|atlantol|drgninja|bublcave|sboblbobla|cabalus|captavenu|combatsct|cyberbal2p|ddcrew2|exodus|dkongf|dkongpe|dkongx11|galagamf|galapx|galturbo|gaunt22p|gauntlet2p|gt2kt500|ikarijpb|offroadt2p|irariram|joustr|kchampvs2|kf2k5uni|landmakrp|lifefrce|mainevt2p|mhavocrv|mshvsfj|mspacmnf|nbam|nbamht|nslasherj|pacman|pacmanf|pegglet|piratpet|punkshot2|qix2|quartet2a|rambo3u|rampart2p|robocop2j|gaiden|simpsons2p|simpsons2pj|ssridersubc|sf2hfj|ssf2xj|temptube|tmnt2po|tmnt22pu|typhoon|uccopsar|vendetta2p|vendetta2pu|xmen2pa|xmen6p|zerotm2k|nzeroteam
rule            CloneOf not_equals .*
rule Status equals good|imperfect
rule            Status not_equals preliminary
rule            Category not_contains Casino|Clock|Computer|Development systems|Device|Document Processors|Electromechanical|Handheld|Home systems|Mahjong|Microcomputer|Portable systems|Print club|Professional systems|Quiz|Rhythm|Synth|Synthesiser|System|Tabletop|Test|Training Board|Utilities
rule Title not_contains bootleg|prototype
rule Manufacturer not_contains bootleg
rule            Year not_contains ?
rule            Players not_equals Non-arcade
#rule           DisplayType equals raster|vector
#rule           Players contains 1|2
#rule           Control contains joystick
#rule           Control contains 2-way|4-way|8-way
#rule           Control not_contains keyboard|mouse|trackball
filter               Favourites
    rule          Favourite equals 1
filter               "Most Played Games"
sort_by         PlayedCount
reverse_order   true
rule            PlayedCount not_equals 0

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