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Basic Layout Maker2.0
« on: May 11, 2024, 10:09:10 PM »
Basic Layout Maker v.2.0

For Attract Mode +

1.Pick Your Layout Size. 1920x1080 For Now.

2.Pick The Modules You Want To Use. *Tooltip Added To Each*

3.Pick Your Video Size. This Puts It In The Middle Of The Screen.

4.Pick The Wheel You Want To Use. *Must Select The Wheel Module* 36 Wheels Added

5.Check If You Want To Have The Main Logo Pulse When Selected. *Must Select The Wheel Module*

6.Check if You Want To Add Boxart. Left or Right Side.

7.Check if You Want Meta Added Left Or Right Side Of Boxart.

8.Check if You Want Meta To Go Around The Snap.

9.Check if You Want a Game Counter.

10.Check if You Want To Add System Display.

11.Check if You Want To Add Date & Time.

12.Pick if You Want Stories Left or Right Side.

13.Click on Sample Gallery Button To View Sample Layouts.

14.Save The Layout To Your Layout Folder Of Choice. Make Sure To Name It Layout.nut.

This Is Just To Get You Started. Still Testing And Adding Other Stuff. ChatGPT Wrote Most Of The Code.

Made With Python And Pyinstaller. Antivirus Software Might Flag This As A False Positive And Delete It or Place It In Quarantine.

Ive Included a small build in the data folder you can place your new layout.nut files in the test folder just name them like layout1 and so on
you can switch between them by pressing T on the keyboard or Y on your controller. Moved Txt Files in Folders
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