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Title: ROMS wont update to Attract mode. Works in ES
Post by: excalibur1031 on September 10, 2017, 02:54:06 PM
Hello all,
I've been pulling my hair out on this Hyperpie setup. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 with Hyperpie image loaded on a 64gb micro sd. I have updated the Hyperpie image with the update pack. I have a 128gb usb loaded with ROMs to use. Problem I'm having is that I cannot update any emulators in attract mode. I can play all of the ROMs that I have loaded in Emulation Station. I'm confused. I'm also not a tech geek so if you can help me using non-smart people language, that would be great!!

This is what Ive done thus far: Load Hyperpie image on 64gb micro sd card. insert and boot up emulation station. Format USB to NTSF and create folder piroms. Insert USB in Pi and setup external HDD. Remove USB and insert in PC. Transferred rom files downloaded from Arcade Punks into folders. Reinstall USB in Pi and systems show up with ROMs in Emulation Station. I switch to Attract Mode and it loads as expected. I go to Emulator option after pressing TAB. I scroll to any game system and go to compile ROMS. I choose to overwrite existing and it always comes back with finding 0 ROMs. I've checked the file paths and such and compared to others that have successfully installed theirs (info found via internet and in forums) and everything seems legit....HELP!!!

Also, when I go into any game system from Attract mode, I have no wheels(artwork or video), just a pointer....if that's helpful. Thanks again!
Title: Re: ROMS wont update to Attract mode. Works in ES
Post by: excalibur1031 on September 10, 2017, 03:32:23 PM
Okay, so I've found the problem and I will leave this post up to share with anyone who may run into this....Definitely operator error!!  I took my USB drive and placed it in my PC, opened up File explorer and rechecked what was going on, because my thought was that it was a path error...and it was.  I had taken the complete folder with my ROMs for each game system and threw the whole folder in the ROM folders.  I erased the whole folder and then reinserted the games individually (select all files in folder, then place them in the ROM game system folder).  Viola!  all art, videos, and ROMs showed up and loaded correctly in Attract Mode now...PHEW!!!   Hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes :D !