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General / Re: HQ Video snaps freeze
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:43:30 AM »
files is improperly encoded. Use HandBrake to re-encode again

General / Sharing MAME 0.190 AM database
« on: January 09, 2018, 05:29:52 PM »
Sharing official MAME 0.190 AM database
Contains 13671 games.
Just make sure u edit ;MAME; to match your mame <emulatorname>.cfg for mame also rename my .txt file to match the same.!k0QyABTS!Te-xyBbSkqPv6ZdybvKSSoVEDwEDTkmRG57-OAOCEi4

Have Fun!

Apparently Attract Mode is heaving issue with start MINIMIZED. If its used in script AM will keep on running in background.. i am not sure how to resolve issue, for now minimized cant be used

:) Good, i love it
Apparantly i forgot to make cmd window minimized
need this at header
if not DEFINED IS_MINIMIZED SET IS_MINIMIZED=1 && start "" /min "%~dpnx0" %* && exit
Cant use minimize, attract will take over control
and just to be on safe side for front ends which might resume work on background a start "" /WAIT is needed, editing main post :)

It would be awesome if someone would know how to make a crawler  for game folders to make this automatic :)

Hello there!

Here it is,
PC Games:
write file Angry Birds.bat
and put it in root of ur PC GAMES folder
Apparently Attract Mode is heaving issue with BAT command start MINIMIZED. If its used in script AM will keep on running in background.. i am not sure how to resolve issue, for now minimized cant be used
Code: [Select]
@echo off
set "GAMENAME=AngryBirds.exe"
set "GAMEPATH=Angry Birds\Angry Birds\"
set HOME="%~dp0"

write file New Super Mario Bros U.bat
and put it in root of ur WiiU folder
Code: [Select]
@echo off
set "GAMENAME=red-pro2.rpx"
set "GAMEPATH=Roms\New Super Mario Bros U\code\"
set "CEMUPATH=..\..\Emulators\Cemu\"
set "ROM=%~dp0%GAMEPATH%"
set HOME="%~dp0"
start "" /WAIT "%EMUROOT%Cemu.exe" -g "%ROM%%GAMENAME%" -f

It is compatible across front-ends. ES/HS/AM.It is portable proof as well.

Now some explanation:
Point of origin is where .bat file is located. So always look from that point of view.(Also always point front-ends to those .bat files.)
Now example in pc games. C:/some folder/some folder/pc games(bat files here)/Angry Birds/Angry Birds/AngryBirds.exe
So from .bat point of view u start where they are. So GAMEPATH=Angry Birds\Angry Birds\
Simple isnt it?
So even if u move games to any other folder and or hard disk (drive/letter) and move bat files from their root with them , games will always work if you point frontend to those bat files.

Now in case of CEMU it gets slightly more complicated, simply because i keep my emulator for CEMU in totally different folder not linked to folder where my games are.Simply because i love structuring them the way i am :)

SO, from bat point of view:

set "CEMUPATH=..\..\Emulators\Cemu\"
(..\..\)  meaning:    (return folder up \return folder up\ )
then go folders forward (Emulators\Cemu\)

somefolderX/roms/wiiugames(bat files here)

Now going forward:

Simple isnt it?
Just edit
per instructions.
And Enjoy!

If u attempt differently great deal of problems may occur. Even some games will not work because they will look for their config or related files in wrong folders.

Happy NEW Year!

.....i need bigger signature space..

...some may need this too

Code: [Select]
        <name>PC Games</name>
        <fullname>PC Games</fullname>
        <path>PC GAMES PATH</path>

Code: [Select]
executable           cmd
args                 /c "[romfilename]"
rompath              PC GAMES PATH
romext               .lnk;.bat;.cmd

Code: [Select]
[exe info]
Edit PC GAMES PATH to match where u stored bat files , usually root where games for system are :)
Use the exact same config for both PC games AND Cemu, because they use bat files they should behave like they are activating PC games
You can use relative paths for emulationstation game rom path as well.
Example : (es_systems.cfg)
Code: [Select]
<path>..\..\Roms\PC Games</path>

General / Re: Hyperspin Theme conversion question - Backgrounds not Showing
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:31:29 AM »
Let's calm down, it seems like a misunderstanding, no need to get up in arms. KTurner was already in the discussion you joined and the topic was that Hyperspin layouts were not loading.

I am calm but even tho his name is in topic his talk and even worse his post suggest like another persona. I assume he forgot what was topic discussion and conclusion and just jumped in with ..preposterous ideas about driver reinstall or other system.. i see people with such notions every day in my life i am sick of it.
Anyway i do not appreciate being called names on forums or otherwise. Some common decency is being called for

General / Re: Hyperspin Theme conversion question - Backgrounds not Showing
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:35:27 AM »
I miss understood, You don have to be a jerk about it.
No, u are one being jerk right now. You didnt bothered to read discussion in topic at all which i pointed to you and even said thanks.

General / Re: Hyperspin Theme conversion question - Backgrounds not Showing
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:19:51 AM »
My issues was my graphic card drivers were not installed properly. I have everything and I mean everything in folder c:\attract mode. I can copy my whole folder from one pc to another and not have to change a thing. I had one pc that worked great, copied to another pc and the back grounds wouldn't work at all. Reinstalled the driver then everything worked great.
this is totally different issue.Besides we are talking about symlinking hyperspin folder, dont hijack the issue ,thanks

General / Re: Hyperspin Theme conversion question - Backgrounds not Showing
« on: December 13, 2017, 05:34:16 AM »
Hey guys, i was playing arround and i just ran across the same issue. Symlinking does seem to break hyperspin loader for themes, i am not certain why. BUT here is it works:
if u unpack theme and it becames folder , AM will load the theme. But if theme is in zip file it will not load

I used print in order to attempt to figure out what is happening.

Loading theme:.../Nintendo 64/Themes/AeroFighters Assault (USA).zip
But zip isnt loading?!?
Now if i unpack that zip
Loading theme:.../Nintendo 64/Themes/AeroFighters Assault/

my first thought was admin issues? its not.
AM is maybe trying to unpack zip to the same folder before using artwork inside it and gets denied ? I am not sure
now i am even more baffled..
it appears it is parsing theme.xml within zip file
Code: [Select]
parsing XML: <Theme><video w="684"h="524"x="436"y="402"r="0"below="no"forceaspect="none"time="1"delay="0.5"bsize="8"bsize2="14"bsize3="22"bcolor="13158"bcolor2="16777215"bcolor3="13158"bshape="round"type="none"start="bottom"/><artwork2 x="453" y="120" r="0" time="1" delay ="0.5" type="elastic" start="top" rest="pulse"/><artwork3 x="825" y="378" r="0" time="1" delay ="0.5" type="elastic" start="right" rest="none"/></Theme>
parsing XML: (function : 0x0000000010EEFB50)
parsing XML: (instance : 0x0000000004D6D350)
But as to why is it not loading rest of theme files i have no idea

Maybe someone more qualified can give assist ?

General / Re: high score issue with Future Pinball
« on: December 13, 2017, 03:19:58 AM »
administrator privileges ?
check forlder security or assign admin to exe

Themes / Hyperspin (loader) with listbox
« on: December 11, 2017, 06:43:09 PM »
Hyperspin (loader) with listbox

Why not?   ;)!hoYTzaxR!O4RCC9JJS6qOpZ6pC4q4jQy_lYQXwf_5E8d6ut3NkYg

modifies hyperspin.nut loader with option for listbox,default enabled.

guide on how to use hyperspin themes in AM here:

General / Re: No sounds at first
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:31:37 PM »
Maybe its focus, try turning off console in options

Scripting / Re: KeyboardSearch module
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:26:34 PM »
Hi liquid8d,
I am trying out your search module. I like it very much! But I noticed one small thing. When I search for something the list is updated properly and contains the results. But the artwork is not updated to the selected game on the list. Let's say the search result list shows "bubble bobble" but the layout is still showing the artwork of a different game. I hope you get what I mean. I know my English is bad. ;)
So, is there a way to refresh the display after a search result?


It depends on your layout , in my layout i have custom code which works on tick, to prevent snaps and artwork changes during fast scrolling. It will also prevent this from changing instantly on search, it can cause heavy lag on pie.But it will update on next navigation or transition

Themes / Re: [WIP]AnimA Theme with overview
« on: December 09, 2017, 07:33:30 PM »
layout changes,more optimization.
new link added

Scripting / Re: KeyboardSearch module
« on: December 08, 2017, 01:17:40 PM »
i am thinking out loud here, but i noticed that that customkeys are being called if u attempt to type when search is open. Maybe do it the same way? write custom keyboard layout which will then have to take priority over custom keys input and just do the job

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