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Announcements / Version 2.3 Released
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:21:31 PM »
After a bit of a hiatus, we are back on track and pleased to announce a new release of Attract-Mode.  This release captures all the various features and bugfixes that have been added to the project in the past 10 months.

Full changelog is below, downloads available at:

A note for Windows users: the default Attract-Mode binary is now compiled as a Windows GUI application.  If you prefer the previous behaviour where Attract-Mode runs with a windows console window, use the "console" version Attract-Mode instead.

# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.2.1 to v2.3.0

### Andrew Mickelson (47 commits)

* Bump to version 2.3
* Added --loglevel and --logfile commandline options
* [Windows] Switched Attract-Mode to a Windows GUI app
* Issue #381 - fixed crash when using Shader.Empty
* Joystick mapping must now be done manually from Config->Controls->Joystick Mappings
* Fix handling of conflicting input mappings in configuration mode
* [rpi] Removed assumption that rasberry pi always uses GLES
* Initial addition of Direct X Video Acceleration (Windows) and VAAPI (Linux) support
* Issue #372 - Added plugin to change display on joystick input
* [Attrac-Man] Fixed ghost and player UI movement around the "Ghost House"
* Update look of Attrac-Man layout
* Updated config so that Joystick slots can be mapped to specific named devices
* added "Insert Game" command
* Added UI functionality to edit shortcuts
* Only use CRC matching on rom 10 megs or less when scraping
* Initial support for shortcut navigation and multiple level menus
* Tweak to to fix last launch saving
* Added some missing bound checks when loading state
* [linux] Issue #343 - don't leave zombies when exit hotkey is used
* Disable further FE navigation when launch game sound is playing
* Issue #333 - don't replay launch sound if in the process of launching a game
* Added nomargin Text attribute to layout documentation
* Issue #329 - smarter redrawing of surfaces
* Fixed multimonitor bug (Fix provided by Mike Balfour)
* Update Attrac-Man layout to use artwork fades
* Enable animated gifs
* [windows] Fix "Fill Screen Mode" on Win10
* [linux] Issue #318 - fix compile on Linux with older SFML versions
* [linux] reduced delay when launching emulator in "Fullscreen Mode"
* [windows] Issue #296 - fix for white screen flicker on game launch and exit
* Fix extensions in default dolphin configuration
* [windows] Added NvOptimusEnablement and AmdPowerXpressRequestHighPerformance exports
* The "edit game" action will now edit the display settings when used on the displays menu
* Removed unnecessary video frame queuing, simplifying code
* Issue #304 - hyperspin overlayoffset fix (patch from joyrider3774)
* Changed sleep timer for smoother animation
* Added scraping of mame artwork from
* Fixed "scrape" and "scrape overview" option loading/saving
* Issue #297 - fix hidden displays causing wrong selection in "displays menu"
* Use for mamedb scraping
* Updated Italian translation (P. Ghezzo)
* Added screensaver options to run commands when starting or stopping "blank screen" mode
* Fixed key handling to return from screensaver.  Fix build with NO_SWF=1 option
* Added blank screen (low power mode) setting to default screensaver.
* Added config option for confirmation prompt on exit

### Benjamin Hodgetts (1 commits)

* Save location in the playlist when launching a game

### CosmicDan (3 commits)

* "Hide Console" option should only be for Windows (whoops)
* Add $PROGDIR variable/expansion for substituting program directory in path leadings
* Add 'Hide Console' option to General settings

### Dat1AZNBanana (1 commits)

* Added more file types for Dolphin roms

### djrobx (1 commits)

* Fix bug where wheel doesn't scroll down or right if you move the trackball slowly . (#322)

### Ferdinand Thiessen (3 commits)

* Extlibs: Fixed nonvoid function without return value in gameswf. (#321)
* [linux] Added appdata file (#319)
* Makefile: Fix install target for mac and some linux distros

### Minjae Song (3 commits)

* Korean localisation

### Radek Dutkiewicz (4 commits)

* Fixed bluring of small fonts in X axis when textbox has a fractional width
* Fixed 1 pixel offset
* tp.cpp whitespace cleanup
* fe.Textbox improvements

### willems davy (2 commits)

* Try to correct positions for some themes with certain swf artwork
* Fix zorder + implement zorder related below tag

General / Forum is back up (hopefully)
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:25:52 AM »
Hi everyone,

The forums have been moved to a new host and should now be (mostly ... see below) functional.  Apologies for the downtime.

Please report any issues you are encountering by replying to this thread.

Known issues:
- attachments are still being uploaded and may not be available yet
- forum email notification not working

cheers, andrew

Themes / MOVED: How to change listbox scrolling acceleration?
« on: February 25, 2017, 08:45:06 AM »

Announcements / Version 2.2.1 Released
« on: January 06, 2017, 08:19:15 PM »
A new year and a new version of Attract-Mode!  Mainly bug fixes with this one, change log is posted below....

# Changelog #

## Commits from v2.2.0 to v2.2.1

### Andrew Mickelson (17 commits)

* Bump to version 2.2.1
* [linux] fixes for multimonitor mode with X11
* [rpi] Misc. cleanup of emulation launching on the RPi
* Added a description of the default controls to the readme
* Fix move speed in config menus when key held down
* Fix freetype2 header not found during compile
* [linux] Added --console cmdline option to enable script from console
* Improved combo key handling, added more initial key mappings
* Default "Confirm Favourites" value is now "true"
* Fix audio volume changing for layout sounds after running emulator
* Add cn entry in en.msg
* [windows] fix frontend not giving up focus in fullscreen mode
* [windows] fix 'working directory' setting when running an emulator
* [linux] Smoother transition to emulator from 'fullscreen mode'.
* Added "Working Directory" emulation setting
* Minor reorder of options in the misc. config menu
* Issue #250 - Fix improper handling of "Upos" joystick axis

### banemon (1 commits)

* cn.msg

### David Gillies (1 commits)

* Create Linux desktop entry

### Rene BIGOT (1 commits)

* Support for wheel fade

Announcements / Version 2.2.0 Released
« on: November 11, 2016, 01:00:16 PM »
SO here we go with another version of Attract-Mode!  Highlights include the ability to set custom layouts for the "displays menu"/Systems menu (finally), a new "edit game" command for tweaking game information (including the ability to customize the launch commandline on a per-game basis), mmal hardware accelerated video on the Rasberry Pi, an italian translation, various bug fixes and much more.

Full changelog is posted below, and downloads are available here:

[edit: OS X binary now posted]

Announcements / Version 2.1.0 Released
« on: June 08, 2016, 11:00:12 PM »
By popular demand (!?) and hot on the heels of 2.0, we have ourselves a new release of the Attract-Mode frontend!

Version 2.1.0 freshens things up a bit and adds some new features we think are kind of cool: support for using unlimited key/button/joystick combos to trigger commands and improved menu navigation controls....

NOTE FOR UPGRADERS: If you are upgrading from a previous version, chances are you will have to redo your joystick-based control mappings.

Downloads available in the usual place:

Announcements / Version 2.0.0 Released.
« on: April 20, 2016, 11:13:27 PM »
After a couple months of testing, version 2.0.0 (final) has finally arrived!  Thanks to everyone who helped track down and squish the numerous bugs that were found.

Download the new version here:


Announcements / Version 2.0.0 Release Candidate #3
« on: February 22, 2016, 10:29:04 PM »
Release Candidate #3 for version 2.0 of Attract-Mode has now been released.  Check it out, and please report any issues you may run into here on this thread or using the github issue tracker.

Download available here:

Full change log posted below. 

Edit: March 17, 2016 - Updated for Release Candidate #3.

Themes / Hyperspin themes in Attract-mode
« on: February 16, 2016, 10:18:46 PM »
Hi guys,

I thought I'd share what I've been plugging away at a bit lately... here is an video example of what the newest development version of Attract-Mode will do if you start feeding it hyperspin themes:

This is from a (pretty crappy) notebook running my development environment on debian linux.  The hyperspin interpretation is missing a bunch of stuff, but it is all happening from a squirrel script just like any other attract-mode layout!

Announcements / Version 1.6.2 Released.
« on: December 06, 2015, 11:31:24 PM »
Version 1.6.2 has just been released, here is the changelog:

# Changelog #

## Commits from v1.6.0 to v1.6.1

### Andrew Mickelson (22 commits)

* Bump to version 1.6.1
* Issue #162 - improved support for importing mame (-listxml format) files
* attracman layout - made sounds files configurable from user interface.
* added ability to get the actual width of text
* added load_from_archive() function for loading script images and sounds
* Added sound support to the attracman layout
* Added debian packaging files
* Fix some divide by zero errors.
* Scrape platform images as well when scraping from
* Updated emulator info_source settings on account of mess/mame merger
* Fixed missing controller and video info when parsing mess / mame -listsoftware
* Added [System] and [SystemN] magic tags
* Added 7zip, rar, gzip and bz2 support (if libarchive is available)
* Issue #159 - Fixed magic tokens empty values bug + path problems with shaders
* Issue 120 - added functionality to let plugins show search results
* [OS X] re-added mouse "hiding" for OS X, trying to avoid triggering corners
* 8 second timeout on scraper http requests
* Show more progress info when scraping/parsing mame output
* Made "hide brackets in name" option also hide text after a forward slash /
* Issue #157 - added support for modules in a subdirectory
* Added KeyboardSearch plugin
* Issue #128 - added config option to disable multimonitor support

### Jeffrey Clark (3 commits)

* Windows resource with icon
* Close windows console automatically when starting from GUI
* osx packaging corrections

### Phil Eichinger (3 commits)

* Makefile: ensure $(DESTDIR)$(DATA_PATH) exists before copying config to it
* Fix Depends for install on Debian Jessie
* debian-package: fix Build-Depends

Announcements / Version 1.6 Released!
« on: September 25, 2015, 09:26:21 PM »
Attract-Mode version 1.6 has arrived!

Noteworthy changes with this release:

* SWF file support (experimental)
* Layouts and plugins can now be contained in zip files
* OS X packaging improvements
* Added ability to set filter exceptions
* Added intro mode to optionally show intro video
* Added German, Japanese and Korean translations
* Added mame video scraping (
* Many many bug fixes (including FLV videos not playing, resolution dependent pinch/skew effects, and multimonitor not working on 64-bit windows).

Download it here:

General / MOVED: Open source mame
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:01:17 PM »

Announcements / Version 1.5.2
« on: May 10, 2015, 10:49:04 PM »
A new release, a new release!  There have been some exciting advances in the past few months...

New Features:

  • Raspberry pi support.  Thanks to nitrogen_widget for digging into this and helping to get it up and running!
  • Multiple monitor support (Windows and Linux)
  • Artwork scraper added to automatically download missing snapshots, marquees, wheel logos, flyers, boxart and even fanart images.
  • Improved support for different image formats.
  • Spanish translation (thanks Seru!)
  • Added fade effect module for layouts (see reflect layout and the fanart background option in cools' layout)

Bug Fixes:

  • Keep focus if keys get mashed during startup and Attract-Mode is the windows shell
  • Fixed jarring video resets in the filter-grid layout
  • Various fixes for MaLa layout loading
  • Fix for audio decoding after an error occurs

Download at:

Here is a video of AM running on a 256MB Rasp Pi 1 with one of omegaman's layouts:

Themes / MOVED: 320x240 layout
« on: March 30, 2015, 11:26:19 PM »

Scripting / MOVED: Launching native Linux games?
« on: March 02, 2015, 11:26:41 PM »

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