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I finally got around to tinkering with this again, and implemented the changes to the chd paths. I also came across a few rogue MAME files in another folder which I deleted. I’m not sure which is he of those fixed the problem, but it’s working flawlessly now.

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Thanks for checking, but I see from your screen grab that you’re looking at the main MAME display. Both games display perfectly for me in the MAME display and the genre display — it’s only the favourites list where it doesn’t have the proper titles. Did you try adding it to favourites and creating a favourites display?

Also, I didn’t actually have a MAME.xml file until reading your post. I’ve since generated one via the command prompt, and I’ve included the path to it in AM, then generated romlist again. No change unfortunately. What is the xml used for exactly?

Thanks for the advice with chd paths. So you’re saying that I should have specific chd folder within the roms folder, just to hold the chd files that have corresponding zip files? So it should look like this:


Thanks again.

Yes, sorry. I’m talking about Groovy MAME. I’m running the basic theme. That’s the default, right?

Thanks for your help. If you can replicate the issue then at least I know it’s not just my set-up.


Thanks for the reply. I tried to add the specific "kinst" chd directory in the mame.ini as you suggested but that didn't change anything.

I did a bit more digging though. It seems that it is reading catver.ini (which contains only the raw rom title and the genre), but it's failing to read the Attract Mode romlist/mame.txt file (which contains the full title, manufacturer, release year and number of players.

The strangest thing is that all of my other roms and chds are displaying perfectly in the favourite folder. This just doesn't make any sense. 

Hello all,

I’m having trouble with Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 displaying in Attract Mode. I have a full MAME 1.93 set and have divided them into filters by genre and have created a favourite filter, and every other title is displaying perfectly. In both the default unfiltered MAME and the fighting game genre list both KI games display as their full titles, along with the manufacturer, year of release and genre. In the favourite folder filter however they’re displaying as the raw ROM titles “kinst” and “kinst2”, and they’re listed at the end of the alphabetical list after Z. Both games load perfectly.

Using the first game as an example the paths are c:/mame/roms, with the “” and another folder named “kinst” containing “kinst.chd”.

I have checked my 1.93 catver.ini wich lists both games correctly with full details (as expected as they’re displaying correctly through the unfiltered MAME and genre displays) and I’ve checked the mame.tags file in AM which shows both “kinst” and “kinst2”. I’ve also double checked the favourites filter rules and can’t see anything strange there.

To problem solve I deleted the “” which displayed the titles correctly in the favourites filter, but then the games don’t boot as they contain necessary files.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? I’d love to solve this annoyance.

For info I’m using GM1.93 and AM 2.3.0 in the basic layout on Windows 7 64.

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