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Themes / Re: Example of My Lo-Res CRT Layout
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Today at 03:01:12 AM »
Good luck with your project! Have you done a CRT before?

I am glad I did one, it was fun... but in all honesty I probably won't do another.

I will try to get my screensaver .nut file and assets and so forth up tonight or tomorrow. If you are going straight 240p my screensaver should work for you right "out of the box". People using different resolutions will have to monkey with it more.

Doing arcade crt via windows pc and crt tv via rpi has been easier than I thought. My only difficulty is making things perfect, which has nothing to do with the type of monitor but more of the hobby.
Themes / Re: Ambience HD theme [WIP]
« Last post by beakerman80 on Yesterday at 12:28:53 PM »
This looks killer sweet!
Themes / Re: Vertical CRT layout 0.2
« Last post by cathaldub on Yesterday at 08:05:01 AM »
Nice theme, any idea if there is something similar for horizontal CRT?
General / Re: [solved] AM + emulation station - black screen on game exit
« Last post by verion on Yesterday at 02:42:38 AM »
Thanks for sharing - I've changed the title to match the problem that you've solved.
Themes / Re: Capcom Diamondplate Horizontal Layout
« Last post by YellowBirdAZ on March 20, 2018, 09:53:32 PM »
That looks really good.

I saw this in your blog...

One thing I really wanted to do with this project was to theme the Attract Mode front end software to match the custom cabinet art.

That's what I did with mine, basically! I designed a custom marquee and then thought, OK now I have to make this all look somewhat consistent.
Themes / Re: Example of My Lo-Res CRT Layout
« Last post by YellowBirdAZ on March 20, 2018, 09:32:39 PM »
OK here is the screensaver.nut. It goes in the screensaver subfolder, and unzip the archive to put the graphic assets in the same folder.

This is my messiest template, but since anyone who wants to use it on a different display (16:9 and/or higher resolution) is going to have to get into it to tweak it anyway, I guess I will just post it. I know, it's a mess. But for 320x240 people it should work as-is.

So it's just 3 layers of parallax stars (dim/distant/slow at z=0, brighter/medium distance/medium speed  at z=1 and streaking close/fast at z=2) moving left to right, with snapvids superimposed, moving slowly across the starfield are different speeds and y positions.

Now here is one of the trickier parts of this, but it's optional.

You *can* just use your snapvids with the screensaver.

What I did, however, was create 8 second long subclips of each game snapvid that highlights some action and (more importantly) includes some distinctive sound from the game, where possible. I included my Joust and Sinistar examples below. I put all these videos in a "flyby" subfolder of menu-art. (Naming them doesn't matter, just use something descriptive. The .nut just pulls at random order.)

I also applied an audio fade in and fade out, so you can hear the video get louder as it enters the screen and quieter as it exits. I did this with FFMPEG (using -af "afade=in:st=0:d=1,afade=out:st=3:d=3" -- you can adjust those parameters to your own eyes/ears/tastes).

Finally, because the vids are playing on a black background, and many of the vids (like Galaga) have black backgrounds themselves, I tried different methods of distinguishing the vids from the background. I tried white outlines, and it looked OK, but I finally settled on the bezel effect. I just used FFMPEG to render the videos with a transparent PNG that added the highlighting in the upper left corner and the shadows in the lower right corner. (Or you could change the background color to something like dark blue, if that works for the look of your set-up.)

Now this is all somewhat insane. Because if I decide to add a new game, I can't just pop in a new ROM and a Progetto snapvid. I would also need to make a new flyby for the screensaver (and for my title screen there is actually another snapvid subtype). So if you like adding and removing games from your system, you might think about whether this is a road you want or need to go down.
Themes / Re: Capcom Diamondplate Horizontal Layout
« Last post by dukpoki on March 20, 2018, 06:54:35 PM »
Yeah just include it in your package or alternatively link the helper module and list it as a requirement.  It really doesn't matter either way because all the modules here are free to use for everyone and they are created in mind for helping people develop better themes.
Themes / Re: Capcom Diamondplate Horizontal Layout
« Last post by jedione on March 20, 2018, 06:49:51 PM »
should be no problem...with a release.   he put this out for all to use  :D

oh ya to i think it look job
Themes / Re: Capcom Diamondplate Horizontal Layout
« Last post by FrizzleFried on March 20, 2018, 03:06:15 PM »
Welp,  I learned about the conveyor_helper module yesterday and I updated my Diamondplate theme last night.  I want to release it but it requires the Conveyor_Helper module.  What is the proper way to distribute/credit the author of that module?  Am I permitted/encouraged to include the module WITH my layout or do I simply post a separate link to the module along with the layout?

I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

Here is a comparison of the old vs new versions...
Scripting / Re: Snaps are playing upside down
« Last post by qqplayer on March 20, 2018, 02:11:49 PM »
If only the snap is "rotated" just look into the layout.nut

Code: [Select]
local snap = fe.add_artwork( "snap", flx*0.2, fly*0.835, flw*0.368, flh*0.88);
snap.rotation = -90;

Maybe is a bit diferent in your layout but is always the same thing.
Jsut try with "90" "-90" ...
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