Author Topic: Hi there to All Moderator and Admin I want share a Suggestion for the forum  (Read 752 times)


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  :'( I'm not trying to tell you how to run your own forums and I don't want to feel like I'm stepping on your boundaries here I'm not that type of person who tell people what to do when they run their own forums and I totally understand that.

there are some location in the forms that needs to be attended very closely I hope that the admin please take the time and listen to my suggestion and I hope that all moderators can support this suggestion :-[

I'm regarding the theme section of the forum.
I suggest the theme section of the Forum should have two categories theme projects and theme releases.

Theme projects: this suggestion section is for the members are working in progress on there themes
Theme releases: this suggestion section is for the members going to release New themes and Theme updates

Also suggest that the creators of making the themes should stay and stick one topic, Because already noticed there two members of The Forum posting the same artwork the same theme in two different topics I suggest that the moderators and the admin should gather together and take the time and make a new rules for the members to keep it in one topic this is also includes team releases and theme projects working in progress,

Suggestion about keeping in one topic for each section
Theme projects: All members can post images and video of there working in progress and new updates in one topic
Theme releases: All members can post images and video of there Theme release and new updates in one topic

how those this benefit this suggestion for you and them ?
the answer is by keeping track on each section for their topics

why are you asking for these new rules suggestion ?
the answer is by if a member create new topic is of his or her theme for attract mode and member make another topic of the same art theme with the same category. the moderator and the admin can take action and move it or fuse on the same topic I feel that their double posting their topics of the same theme

I also suggest we need a recycle bin for lost archive Themes.
because the creator has stopped progressing their projects or their releases and don't longer support the link to their theme it's pointless to keep it in the release section by doing this we can move it to a recycle bin or a theme archive so they can go back and continue from that sections

that's all the suggestion I can think of at the moment and I hope and pray to the Lord that you guys can reconsider my suggestion and I hope that you guys can make this place a better place and stop members from double posting their theme releases and keep it one topic and one section   :-[
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I agree with these suggestions. I know I have been guilty of double-posting recently (didn't really get the topic system at first), but now I full heartily agree that some organization similar to this would be nice!  :)


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The suggestion is interesting but maybe it's a bit too much...

Most theme developers do something like this: they open one thread for their theme, in the first post you can find the latest version (or links to the latest version) and latest release details, in the discussion they post sneak peeks, answer bugs reports, issues, discuss future features etc. I personally use this method and after each update on the main post (post edit) I also post a small "heads up" message in the discussion so it jumps up on the latest updated posts.

As keilmillerj pointed out there's the "presentation" post where each theme should be listed with a link to the proper forum page.

I like things this way because all the discussion regarding one layout is in a single forum post, even if it can be difficult to follow all the discussion.