Author Topic: Set different value of row and col in Grid Theme in different filter  (Read 1973 times)


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I would like to set different value of row and col in Grid Theme while in different filter. Below code is my part of cocept. My question is, how to redraw the grid while changing the filter? I don't know the code to complete my task. Any one can help me? Thanks. 

Code: [Select]
function display_transitions( ttype, var, ttime ) {
 switch ( ttype ) {
case Transition.ToNewList:

if (fe.list.filter_index = 0){
rows = 4;
cols = 4;
                redraw grid()

if (fe.list.filter_index = 1){
rows = 2;
cols = 2;
                 redraw grid()

if (fe.list.filter_index = 2){
rows = 3;
cols = 3;
                 redraw grid()

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Re: Set different value of row and col in Grid Theme in different filter
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2022, 07:12:50 AM »
As no one has answered you yet, I will at least give you a reply. I cannot help on how to code that, but you need for the skin to refresh and reload itself from my experience.

I have made some changes in AM which have been instant, I have made changes where you need to go back and then go in for changes to be visible, and then for a lot of stuff a shut down of AM and reload always is best.

I pretty much always make a change and then shut down AM and then reload it, as I found that sometimes I was getting frustrated that something was not working and then I remember that I needed to shut down.

If this was me, I would look at other themes and look at their nutfile, and see if that theme does what you want it to do and then just copy the code and edit as needed.

Sorry this is not much help, but better to have the village idiot, than no one.


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