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General / Games list
« on: February 26, 2023, 03:18:41 AM »
Hello all, Im new to this forum and front end so please be patient.

I have been a long term MAME user and fan but never used a front end (other than the included GUI with MAME 64)

I have built a cocktail CRT based Machine and am running MAME 0.220 absolutly fine under Groovy mame for use with the CRT I have.

My issue is I have the AM front end working as expected but the games list foes not reflect what I have in my 0.220 collection?

I have tried directing AM to the XML file I downloaded from the official MAME site for my 0.220 set of roms, I also have tried the settings for List.XML option, even selected nothing and even though it generates a list of some sort, it is neither full or accurate? For example I have Gauntlet in both 2 player and 4 player but it only displays the 4 player version, same with simpsons and TMNT?

As mentioned I am a noob when it comes to setting up the games list so if somebody could talk me through a step by step how to get my games list to display my collection I would be most gratefull.

I am testing the front end on a laptop first with normal MAME 0.220 and AM so that once I get the list working correctly I can copy the procedure to the CRT cabinet as its hard without resetting MAME to run on the LCD monitor as im using different low freq drivers.

Many thanks for any help.

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