Author Topic: Still has issues on the Pi 4  (Read 5824 times)


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Re: Still has issues on the Pi 4
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2020, 06:57:56 AM »
Ive gotten Attract Mode mostly working on the Pi 4 but noticing videos are tearing like crazy now and still freeze or stop playing.  None of my videos are particularly high quality and they ran well on the Pi3.  They are all non HD videos. 

Sorry if this was already suggested, but from another post here on the forums, someone suggested converting the video snaps to a lower framerate?  This was all on my Pi3, but it may apply to the Pi4.  I was plagued with choppy/freezing snaps for years.  Different builds, from Floob's image to the latest Retropie & AM installed, different Pi's, sd cards, different snaps, ffmpeg/mmal, etc. etc., nothing worked.  Someone suggested lowering the framerate to a max of 23.976 (resolution can stay the same).  I converted them all using handbrake, copied them to the pi, and no more freezing/choppy videos.  Hope this works for you.