Author Topic: Attract Mode window focus problem - but only with MAME?  (Read 43 times)


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Attract Mode window focus problem - but only with MAME?
« on: March 26, 2017, 05:37:17 AM »
Hey folks!

Just a quick query... I've had attract mode set up for a while now with no major problems, except something has just broken out of the blue with no changes made to break it. Go figure... I'm hoping this is a pretty obvious fix.

So, I'm running attract mode in the default fill screen mode. I've got a number of different machines on there, from steam to MAME to some old consoles, some using MAMEUI, some not.

Anyway, here's my problem: with MAME, and only MAME, when I quit out of a game attractmode doesn't get Focus back. Attract Mode is there, frozen, and the focus is instead on the windows taskbar (which I have set to automatically hide). With every other thing focus is handed back fine - be that Street Fighter 4 or 5 through Steam, NullDC for Dreamcast, Dolphin for Gamecube - they all play nice. This problem is specific to MAME. It's easily fixed with a quick alt-tab, but that's not ideal, obviously.

My attract mode settings seem to be fine - fill screen, console hidden, etc. Whats more, this worked with MAME previously, so this problem is new. It used to be fine. Any ideas? Any work-arounds? Thanks all!
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Re: Attract Mode window focus problem - but only with MAME?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2017, 11:20:34 PM »
start AM > press TAB key > Plug-ins > ResFix > Enabled : Yes > Specific Emulators : name your emulator system
AM Version : 2.2.1
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Re: Attract Mode window focus problem - but only with MAME?
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 01:09:01 AM »
@hermine.potter So... resfix was already enabled for /all/ emulators, and making it specific to my mame emulator doesn't seem to be working either. Turning it off and back on doesn't have any impact either. Thanks for the advice; any more ideas?

Another wrinkle to this is if I switch MAME to windowed mode it all works fine again - but obviously that doesn't look right. I've tried with two versions of mame 181 (regular mame and mameui), plus with a 183 alpha... all the same.

This situation is the same - I've just checked - in every single display mode for Attract Mode. I'm guessing the fault lies with MAME, but I'm hoping somebody can help me to make this work with AM.
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Re: Attract Mode window focus problem - but only with MAME?
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 02:11:25 PM »
I had the same problem.

What I found was that Mame64.exe was not actually exiting.   It's hanging when it tries to close its main window.    Pressing alt-tab seems to get it "unstuck" and it exits completely.   

AttractMode has some issue when the system wants to redraw the main window, but it's waiting for the emulator to exit.   This manifests as a white screen or a previous display in the Full Screen modes.   The author has made some changes in recent builds to try and address it but it doesn't seem fully fixed.   I strongly suspect this issue is related.

I worked around it by creating a small app that draws a full screen black pop up window, then runs Mame.     The black pop up prevents Attract Mode from trying to redraw itself, which allows Mame to exit without issue.   

Not sure why this just started happening for you out of nowhere though.   Perhaps a windows update or video driver update?     What kind of video card does your system have?   Mine is built in Intel video.