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Unbelievable theme.. So beautiful and bringing memories back.. Yaron2019 and everyone elss helping to create this theme, thank you very much!! I always had the idea to do this, for every game to change cabinet but it was just impossible to create so many cabinets by myself.. The impossible become possible i suppose.. :)

You are welcome.

   layout               At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab Master

This looks suspicious - it should be:
   layout               At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab

what is the path of the layout? It should be:
attract\layouts\At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab

Hello, first thanks for the contribution.

I am trying to download the mega Fanart file, but it is down, is there any possibility to upload it again?

try again

General / Re: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Video Snap
« on: July 17, 2021, 01:10:24 AM »
what supermodel 3 compilation? link?

General / Re: Star Wars Theme/Layout Not Displaying Foreground Ships!
« on: July 17, 2021, 01:09:30 AM »
I don't remember what version of the Sta wars theme is in the standalone. Maybe try the one in the Great Themes Collection?

General / Re: Star Wars Theme/Layout Not Displaying Foreground Ships!
« on: July 06, 2021, 10:37:25 PM »
1. Make sure you copied the included modules folder to your attract root folder
2. Please post your emulator.cfg file for this display

In general, the Great themes Collection is recommended for wide screen displays

My name is Yaron2019 and I endorse this layout  :D

Now seriously - this is what At-The-Arcade was missing, a more dynamic approach to resolutions and aspect ratios. On the way tsaylor did an excellent job to also enhance other features. I love this, well done!
Community effort FTW!

Keep having issues with artwork being in the wrong order so like snes theme mario is in front of everything and tv is blocking the snes logo and so on and having a issue with exit.It will say exit but put doesnt have any artwork saying yes or no so u have to guess with up and down arrow which one is yes

What system are you running this on?
Did you edit any of the code?
this is a very weird scenario you are describing...

I've updated the enhanced "multi-resolution" version, mainly to fix some issues with the shaders, but also to rework how the cabinet top image is built when the cabinet is not full-height (that logic is now shader-based as well). New download is attached.

This is excellent! Well done  8)

I had a question about the "PCCA" Theme. When i use a Romlist that have Roms from "Capcom Classics" from the Arcade Emulator and the Videos only in the Arcade Folder
Is it not possible like in the other Themes "At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab" that the videos are displayed anyway?
I saw in the func.nut is only the Path for "Main Menu/Video/" can i fix this with some Lines? I see no reference in the Other Multi-Cab Them to the orginal Snap

PCCA emulates hyperspin's file structure as well, it will look for a system's media in that system's media folder.
So Mame will be .../Media/MAME/Themes or .../Media/MAME/Video

You can read more here:

This theme was created for the top videos only as there were no game videos available for this platform at the time.
If you have a library of game videos for this device that include both the top and bottom parts please share it and I will redo the code to support it.

hi guys

The 3ds theme has a problem with the video display, where to configure to adjust the video to the console?

can you post a screenshot of the problem?

Holly crap, This looks amazing!!!
Sorry for not answering earlier, I am pre-occupied with other stuff and check the forum only once a week or so.

It sounds like you did an unbelievable job, please do post it here so I can check it out - I would love to.
We can either place it as the main theme or just add it as is to this thread. Whatever we like.

So please post a download link here  :)

PS - better to join the AM discord channel, all the action is there mate

No matter, I found the issue. Copy the attached layout.nut file to your At-The-Arcade folder, it should work now.
I will update the main download as well (you don't need to redownload).

Thanks for reporting it.

For some reason I can't get the "At The Arcade" theme to show the cabinet, it will show the video and the marque, every other version of the "At The Arcade Mugen, Atomiswave, etc..." theme seems to work fine.
I'm using the nightly build of AM, and it was working on the previous versions of the collection, I haven't made any changes to the settings.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi! can you please post the layout.nut file that is in your At-The-Arcade folder?

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