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Wow - so much to unpack here. For awhile it was just me and Takoni - and neither of us are coders haha although he is much better than I am.

Thank you so much for helping with the music "shuffle". And thank you for the extra lava lamp colors - I always love extra options! :)

Although it may be copious, I'm working on adding an option for a wheel, vertical wheel, list (the list Takoni has here) as well as a size option for these lists. For instance, it would be an option to select vert_wheel, and the the option to change the size from small, medium or large. This is because I like a small vertical wheel, but I'm using a 60" TV with my Pi - if I moved the Pi to a 32" TV, the small list is going to be tiny. This would also info some "if" statements - if the list size was set at medium or small, then the box art would be centered under the list in front of the NES. If the list was large (normal size) then the box art would cover part of the TV and part of a dinosaur to make room for the list. This would all involve adding an extra user config and even though "if" statements aren't completely foreign to me, I have almost no experience writing them myself. So I might be in over my head haha.

I keep hitting a snag - if I try to just copy over the wheels from OlRoom along with the user config line at the top, then the layout won't work. There must be a call back somewhere that I'm missing - thus making it a broken connection and thus voiding the layout. It's frustrating because I have all of the dimensions for the vertical wheel mapped out already. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great.

Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of the help and ideas!

Uncle Yaron2019 is here for the rescue!
I actually added a working wheel to lava and then removed it because I didn't want to barge into your project.
But now... YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!  ;D

Where are you with this coding effort?


I made some updates to your theme:

- Tidied up the code so it is more readable, especially indentation and removable of excessive empty spaces.

- Added numerous ";" missing at the end of code lines. There is now color emanating from the light of the game video snap on the rest of the graphics (look at the clock and boxes for example) and the TV border is not garbled.

- Replaced all static path names with relative paths.

- Added an option to play either click, random or no sounds when navigating the game list.

- Added an 'objects' folder where the click sound is.

- Added an option to play random background music. It currently supports 4 music tracks. In order to change that just added music#.mp3 files to the music folder (example: music5.mp3, music6.mp3, etc) and change the 'Playlist_length' parameter in the layout.nut script so it is equal to the number of music files. It is currently 4. This requires an optimization in which the script will automatically read the number of files in the music folder but I could not find a way to do it.

- Added a 'music' folder where the music files are and added 3 additional music files - all from Top-Gun's soundtrack!   8)

- Added an option to play a static effect video when game video snap is not found. User can replace this video (called 'static.mp4' in the lava layout folder) with any video he wants, just name it the same.

- Fixed clock font size so it fits the clock.

- Changed the boxart label from flyer to boxart. Boxarts and Flyers are not the same thing. Flyers are pamphlets (ads) not boxes...
If this creates problems, change "boxart" back to "flyer" in the box art section of the script. Example:
'local artworkSombra = fe.add_artwork( "boxart", hor-28, 778, 460, 280);'
'local artworkSombra = fe.add_artwork( "flyer", hor-28, 778, 460, 280);'

Download latest version from here:

Download the random list sounds from here and place them at your main Attract folder in a sounds folder:!gJs0nQ7a!q4nYNGwxIa8Mo1mPJJ5t9HGJF58vkNe13rlNoNfl708

Screenshot of before and after updates:

WOW! .... thanks to all for your help, questions & ideas,,,,

Yaron2019: you are a "machine code man", i dont knew that ,,,,THANKS A LOT, i am going to include in my layouts... i am rookie with all this, so thanks for your lessons, trully.

keilmillerjr: i dont know how to make this more compatible , every of you can re write , i will thank you .

asahendrix: thanks for your ideas and your intense help to me , 1, 2 questions : i dont know but Yaron2019 it has given me an idea ;)  ,question 3: well lava is a video, so i have 3 color by the moment, i dont know if it can be done with code, i dont think so... but... i can edit more videos with different colors instead.... i will edit 2 videos for you with orange & blue;) ... and question 4, i dont know how at this moment... sorry so much,

and sorry about my english , i am re studing too.

by the way... here you can see my work with raspberrys marquee and the monitor rotation... a nice work ;)


You are welcome. I will try to help out wit what I can.

keilmillerjr is talking about the relative paths.

As to what asahendrix wants I know how to do some of it at least. It's similar code to the code I wrote to play Hyperspin-like wheel sounds.

But wait... That Arcade machine you built with the turning display!! That is some serious work hombre!!  8)

First of all, nice work! This is a sophisticated theme.

constructive comment: AM allows you to use relative paths. This will allow your theme to work on any platform the user might use.

If the object you want to use is in the lava layout folder, use 'fe.script_dir'.

Instead of: playSound("/home/pi/.attract/layouts/lava/music.mp3", true);
Use: playSound(fe.script_dir + "music.mp3", true);

If the object you want to use is outside of the lava layout folder, use 'FeConfigDirectory'
Example: local sound_name = FeConfigDirectory+"sounds/GS"+random_num+".mp3";
This will play sounds from a folder named 'sounds' which is in the main AM folder ('D:\Arcade\Attract\sounds' in my case).

I am interested in your shader work... investigating.... ;)

kudos for using a Top-Gun track for the music background. My all time favorite movie!

General / Re: Does the gamesdb scraper work in the daily build?
« on: July 05, 2019, 03:52:47 AM »
a couple posts down is a link to a scraper app. works as far as i can tell and finds more then gamsdb ever did. you may wanna check it out. hope it helps.

Thanks. I found another way - just import hyperspin xml files from the cmd line... I needed only the metadata anyway.

General / Does the gamesdb scraper work in the daily build?
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:15:16 AM »
I just downloaded the latest daily build and tried to generate a ROM list for the "Magnavox Odyssey 2" using thegamesdbm but I get this error: "None of the configured system identifiers are recognized by".

I added the exact system identifier that thegamesdb use: Magnavox Odyssey 2

Is this an AM issue or is this still a problem with gamesdb?

Trying this with the console shows a different error: "Error processing request: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK".

Scripting / Re: Now Loading - Plugin
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:22:47 AM »
Hi FrizzleFried,

I tried your plugin and you can see the issues in the linked videos. It shows a problem while transitioning between system screens and a problem while loading a game.


I'm running Attract Mode 2.5.1 on a pretty powerful Windows 10 PC.

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