Author Topic: Sega Age 2500 theme pack made by me for The Great ThemesCollection made by Yaron  (Read 1015 times)


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I made a Sega age 2500 collection theme for The Great Themes Collection v2.0 made by Yaron
you can find and get  The Great Themes Collection v2.0 made by Yaron located here

All Credit goes to Yaron for making a the best and The Great Themes Collection v2.0 for Attract Mode
All Logos and Silver logos and logos template made by my good friend Arika
Sega Age 2500 logo made by Sega
Pixel art Box HD Background images Made by me
Kenshiro and Tails images from Sega Resources
Sega Age 2500 platform video made by Unknown sources
Sega Ages 2500 video games snaps HD By Nimbios72
All Credit goes to all people I mentioned

what those the theme included ?

-layout and menu-art-
How to install ?
just go to "attract mode layout and menu art folder" inside the folder you will see two more folder named "layout and menu art" folder and drag and drop the "layout and menu-art folder" in the Attract mode folder directory

you also get extra Images and videos with the package theme
in the "Sega Age 2500 extra images screen folder" include

Boxart "3d boxart of the games"
cartart "ps2 disc of the games"
wheels "your choose of wheel images are included"
snap    "video snap of the games"

also everything you need is in this theme

we included video snap for Sega Age 2500 start up platform
we included wheel art for Sega Age 2500 menu screen
we included Sega Age 2500 video games video snap
we included Sega Age 2500 3d boxart
we included Sega Age 2500 Cartart PS2 Disc artwork
we included its own menu and click sounds

Here video demo and image of the Sega Age 2500 Theme

The video demo

The image demo

Download the Sega Age 2500 theme pack at google drive