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RocketLauncher builtin AttractMode plugins a long time ago. ArcadeBliss wrote the AttractMode plugin for RocketLauncher a long time ago (OP and now it's part of (builtin) the standard AttractMode 2.4.1 build.

Here are the basic steps to configure AttractMode with RocketLauncher:
1. run Attract-Mode and enable the RocketLauncher plug-in and configure the settings.
Code: [Select]
Configure-->Plug-ins-->RocketLauncher = enabled
Configure-->Plug-ins-->RocketLauncher--> <configure settings for your system>

2. run RocketLauncherUI to add and enable the Attract-Mode FE to RocketLauncher
Code: [Select]
RocketLauncherUI (icon on the top)-->Frontends (tab)--> "+" icon to add Frontend. Choose "AttractMode" for the name and set the path to your Attract-Mode.exe and choose Attract-Mode for both plugins and click the "disk" icon to save it. Highlight your new Frontend entry and click the "red dot" icon to make Attract-Mode your active Frontend.
3. When creating or modifying your /Attract-Mode/emulators/<system>.cfg file use these settings (obviously correct these for YOUR system)
Code: [Select]
executable           <path to>\RocketLauncher\Rocketlauncher.exe
args                 -s "[emulator]" -r "[name]" -p AttractMode -f "<path to>\AttractMode\attract.exe"

I'll be honest, RocketLaucher isn't needed for most builds. There are several less used emulators that truly benefit/need its slick autohotkey scripts but that's not why I like it. Where RocketLauncher shines is with its great loading and exiting screens and more importantly it's pause menu. If you have never seen a well done RocketLauncher build you're probably laughing and saying, "a pause menu?"

Were talking about a menu that comes up when you pause any game that will allow you to:
- see general moves for games
- see complex character's moves for games (like mortal kombat including finishing moves)
- use onscreen save and load states with screenshots of the save points
- view and hear videos, music, artwork, bezels, cabinets, consoles, etc.
- see statsitics about times played, how long it was played, when it was last played, etc.
- see game developer info, game ratings, description of the game (game info)
- read and review game manuals, arcade instructions, service manuals, circuit boards, etc.
- see onscreen maps that are very helpful for certain console games
- see walk through guides (I call this cheating)
- adjust the volume of your system
- exit out of emulation and FE
- in game controller changes

There's more to RocketLauncher, it can also:
- provide bezel loading per game or per emulator
- help you setup joy2key, xpadder, etc. controller manipulation software per emulator when need
- assist in loading virtual CD/DVDs if needed
- unzip games (if the emulator doesn't support a compressed format) and optionally delete the unzipped copy once the game is exited
- provide a uniform/one-stop-place for people that want to install/use/tryout multiple frontends on the same machine
- allow use of CPWizard and other 3rd party applications
- High Score menus for MAME games with specified names/initials highlighted

So if RocketLauncher so great why doesn't everyone have it? It takes a lot of work and time to get everything setup and maximize its benefit. You need to get every piece for every game on every system and put it in the right place. It's not for most and I only recommend it for hardcore emulators.

Who should use RocketLauncher with AttractMode:
- people that already have another FE that uses/requires it (like HyperSpin)
- hardcore emulators
- people that want to have every single piece or artwork, instruction, guide, map, moves, etc. for ever single game
- people that want to one-up their friends

Who shouldn't consider RocketLauncher with AttractMode:
- most people
- anyone not using a Windows OS (RocketLauncher is a Windows only app)
- anyone that has been in emulation for less than a year
- anyone that mostly cares about playing games and not fancy bells and whistles
- anyone that needs a lot of help setting up the basic AttractMode frontend

Why do I have RocketLauncher? Simple, if you go back long enough HyperSpin was (IMO) the best and only FE. HyperSpin migrated to use RocketLauncher years ago and so I already had a great and complete RocketLauncher build. I can honestly say that the RocketLauncher pause menu is the crown jewel of my cabinet and makes it standout more than any feature aside from the emulated games themselves and the graphics of the frontend, but anyone interest already saw/had those. I can also say that HyperSpin is no longer my preferred frontend, for the past 2 years it's been AttractMode. It's flexibility with layouts, filters, tags. etc. makes it the best and simplest to use frontend across many different OSes (especially when not using RocketLauncher).

Don't do it, it's a rabbit hole! If you already have it, want the best of best, need to impress, need to show up a friend... then dive in and don't look back.

Please chime in... who has RocketLauncher? Why do you have it? What do you like most about it? How hard was it to get all the feature you wanted setup?

General / Poll: What systems do you use most (85%+) of the time?
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:07:39 PM »
How do you use Attract-Mode?

Just as the subject suggests, why does the forum use the word theme when the term layout is used in AttractMode?

I know they are one and the same but newcomers might not. Doesn't using the same terminology everywhere make more sense and eliminate confusion?

Other options:
Layouts (Themes)
Themes (Layouts)

I'm not saying it should be changed but I'm not saying it shouldn't. Is there any rhyme or reason for the name "Themes" for this topic?

If you have more than a hundred roms in a display it can take a long time to find the game you want to play. If you have thousands of roms in a display it's even worse. Filters in AM are dynamic and fast. They can help you find the game (or type of game) you want play very fast. Your games will need the proper xxx.txt files in the "romlists" folder for them to work (meaning scraped by correctly or using mame.xml files) but they can be magical. Below is a post of part of my attract.cfg that holds these settings that I hope will help many people navigate their systems better.

See next post(s)... apparently this one had too many characters. Make a backup copy of your attract.cfg before making changes. Leave out any sections below of this file that don't start with the word "filter".

Emulators / Best Compression for Specific Emulators
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:48:46 PM »
Just my 2 cents but a lot has changed in emulation over the past couple of years. In the old days I zipped large files to save space but this caused long load times. These days you can use compressed formats that are native to a specific emulator. This saves space and decreases load times. Below shows what I'm doing today.

PS2 - .cso (PCSX2)
PS - .chd (RetroArch mednafen_psx_libretro core)
PSP - .cso (RetroArch ppsspp_libretro core)
GameCube - .gcz (RetroArch dolphin_libretro core)
Wii - .wbfs (Dolphin)
Sega CD - .chd (RetroArch genesis_plus_gx_libretro core)
Sega Dreamcast - .chd (RetroArch redream_libretro core)
Sega Saturn - .chd (RetroArch mednafen_saturn_libretro core)
TurboGrafx-16 CD - .chd (RetroArch mednafen_pce_fast_libretro core)
Panasonic 3DO .chd (RetroArch 4do_libretro core)

If anyone is interested in this I'd be happy to discuss the tools I used to convert the games or how you feel is the best way to store large games.

General / Best Frontend - Cheers to raygun!
« on: March 24, 2018, 12:52:09 AM »
I just want to tip my hat to raygun on this great FE. I've tried most FEs and AM is the best for too many reasons to list.

Love the FE.

Love the lack of tip jar.

Love raygun.

Great job!

General / RetroPie Build - What games do you use alternate emulators?
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:54:05 AM »
AM on Pi is pretty great but obviously is limited on performance. Using alternate emulators makes a bunch of games more playable. What games are you using alternate emulators?

I use mame2003 as my default emulator. If you use RetroPie to set this up the changes are in the /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulators.cfg. Here's a few changes that I use to play Golden Tee games and some of the Street Fighter III games.

Code: [Select]
arcade_gt97 = "advmame"
arcade_gt98 = "advmame"
arcade_gt99 = "advmame"
arcade_gt2k = "advmame"
arcade_altbeast = "lr-mame2010"
arcade_astorm = "lr-mame2010"
arcade_hsf2 = "lr-mame2010"
arcade_jojo = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_jojoba = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_redearth = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_sfiii = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_sfiii2 = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_sfiii3 = "lr-fbalpha"
arcade_sfz2al = "lr-mame2010"
arcade_ssf2t = "lr-mame2010"

General / How do you run Attract-Mode on your Pi?
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:20:54 AM »
I'm curious how people get their Attract-Mode build on the Raspberry Pi. I know there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods. What flavor is your Pi?

General / Request for a "Tutorial" main forum thread
« on: January 15, 2017, 12:59:19 AM »
I think this would be a helpful part of the forum. People tend to not search for their solutions but tend to follow instructions (if available) when setting things up, especially if they can watch a video (videos can be hosted elsewhere, if needed).

I have answered a few PMs on how to do certain things and I could put them in a new thread that will likely get lost, I think they may be better suited for another undefined part of the forum. This would also be a great area to move or link all of the "How To..." posts. I would also like to see parts of the "read me" files broken down a little in here, no offence but 70% of people don't know they exist or get bored reading them before they get to the part that could have helped them.

In relation to some of the requests for "Pi" specific topics, I think that if someone might write a full Pi build "How To" so we don't have tons of questions about the many flawed/outdated Pi images people can and will download.

What do others think?

P.S. If you have an option for moderator approval before going live that would be smart too.

General / Raspberry Pi F.A.Q.
« on: January 13, 2017, 02:09:38 AM »
1. 90% of your issues will be resolved by making sure that you running the latest Raspbian, RetroPie and Attract-Mode. Please update these aspects of your Pi before asking questions.

Warning to upgraders: If you are upgrading from a version of Attract-Mode that was originally installed from the RetroPie Setup menu do not use these steps, instead upgrade using the RetroPie Setup menu like your original install. Failure to do so will result in two desperate Attract-Mode installations. This specific step is meant for people that have manually installed Attract-Mode from the command line or are installing Attract-Mode for the first time.

Upgrading Raspbian. (Raspbian wiki -
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

Upgrading RetroPie (skip this step if you aren't using RetroPie). (RetroPie wiki -
Code: [Select]
sudo bash ~/RetroPie-Setup/
Choose option "U Update all installed packages"

Upgrading all aspects of Attract-Mode. (Attract-Mode wiki -
Code: [Select]
cd ~; mkdir develop

sudo apt-get install cmake libflac-dev libogg-dev libvorbis-dev libopenal-dev libfreetype6-dev libudev-dev libjpeg-dev libudev-dev libfontconfig1-dev

cd ~/develop
git clone --depth 1 sfml-pi
mkdir sfml-pi/build; cd sfml-pi/build
cmake .. -DSFML_RPI=1 -DEGL_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/vc/include -DEGL_LIBRARY=/opt/vc/lib/ -DGLES_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/vc/include -DGLES_LIBRARY=/opt/vc/lib/
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

cd ~/develop
git clone --depth 1 git://
cd ffmpeg
./configure --enable-mmal --disable-debug --enable-shared
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

cd ~/develop
git clone --depth 1 attract
cd attract
make USE_GLES=1
sudo make install USE_GLES=1

cd ~; rm -r -f ./develop

2. If you started with anything other than the latest RetroPie image directly from the RetroPie website, ask the creator of the image for solutions to your problems. They will be better suited to answer them since Attract-Mode can be built and configured many different ways.

3. Videos don't play, stutter, turn grey, etc.. Enable hardware video decoding or use lower resolution videos.
To enable hardware video decoding: Configure-->General-->Video Decoder = mmal (if you can't select "mmal" run the steps for Attract-Mode upgrade in F.A.Q. #1)

4. I have random weird things happen when I exit a game or use a RetroPie configuration menu. This is an old known bug, run the steps for Attract-Mode upgrade in F.A.Q. #1 to fix it.

5. Some emulators like Daphne and Advance MAME run behind AM (a.k.a. in the background), my RetroPie runcommand dialog doesn't show in AM, or my RetroPie Setup Menu doesn't work properly in AM. Configure-->General-->Window Mode = FullScreen Mode

6. How can I access the /home/pi/.attract/ folder from Windows without using 3rd party software? You can use the RetroPie GUI that is described here

You can do it from the command line like this:
Code: [Select]
sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
Add these lines to the end of the file
Code: [Select]
comment = attractmode
path = "/home/pi/.attract"
writeable = yes
guest ok = yes
create mask = 0644
directory mask = 0755
force user = pi
restart the samba service
Code: [Select]
sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart

7. How can I easily create custom wheels across mutiple emulators using the AM GUI? See this thread .

8. I have a lot of roms, how can I skip a page or a letter at a time?

Set these controls:
Configure-->Controls-->Previous Page
Configure-->Controls-->Next Page
Configure-->Controls-->Previous Letter
Configure-->Controls-->Next Letter

9. How can I add menus to switch booting from Attract-Mode to EmulationStation and vice versa? How can I run RetroPie Setup options from Attract-Mode? This post has a script to setup it up

If you want to manually create a menu for the RetroPie Setup options in Attract-Mode see this post . (Make sure you set Configure-->General-->Window Mode = FullScreen Mode)

10. In MAME emulators I see the romnames and not the friendly/nice looking game names. See these posts and

11. I misconfigured my controls and now I can't make changes to correct them.

Reset your inputs to the default input mapping.
Code: [Select]
nano ~/.attract/attract.cfg
Replace the entire "input_map" section with the defaults listed below
Code: [Select]
configure            Tab
prev_letter          Up+LControl
next_letter          Down+LControl
filters_menu         Left+LControl
next_filter          Right+LControl
configure            Escape+Up
edit_game            Escape+Down
add_favourite        Escape+LControl
prev_letter          Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button0
next_letter          Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button0
filters_menu         Joy0 Left+Joy0 Button0
next_filter          Joy0 Right+Joy0 Button0
configure            Joy0 Up+Joy0 Button1
edit_game            Joy0 Down+Joy0 Button1
add_favourite        Joy0 Button0+Joy0 Button1
back                 Escape
back                 Joy0 Button1
up                   Up
up                   Joy0 Up
down                 Down
down                 Joy0 Down
left                 Left
left                 Joy0 Left
right                Right
right                Joy0 Right
select               Return
select               LControl
select               Joy0 Button0
default             back exit
default             up prev_game
default             down next_game
default             left prev_display
default             right next_display
Restart Attract-Mode

12. How can I get rid of the boot text and images? Checkout this

13. How can I get rid of the terminal/console text I see when I launch a game or exit a game? Check out this post

14. How can I have Attract-Mode default to my "Favorites" romlist instead of the "All" romlist? See this post

1. Create a master romlist of all your games. (This will take a while to build if you have many systems and/or roms.)
    Configure-->Emulators-->Generate Collection/Rom List-->Set all of your game emulators to “Yes” and then click “Generate Collection/Rom List” and enter the name “All Systems”
2. Setup Search, Filter, Favorites and Tagging (if you haven’t already)
    Configure-->Controls-->Filter Menu=F
    Configure-->Controls-->Add/Remove Favourite=A
    Configure-->Controls-->Add/Remove Tags=T
3. Go to your newly created “All Systems” Display/Wheel and check it out

Once you create a master romlist that contains all of your games there are many ways you can use it. Here are just a few examples.

1. Press the “S” key to open the Search Plug-in and enter “Mario” then press the “Enter” key. This will show you all of your Mario games.
    To remove the search press the “S” key and delete “Mario” and press the “Enter” key
2. Create a filter for Mario games
    Configure-->Displays-->All Systems-->Add Filter-->Enter Filter Name=Mario Games-->Add Rule
    Filter Value=Mario
3. Create a filter for a Shooting Games genre
    Configure-->Displays-->All Systems-->Add Filter-->Enter Filter Name=Shooting Games-->Add Rule
    Filter Value=Shooter
4. Create a custom Display/Wheel for Mario Games
    Configure-->Displays-->Add New Display-->Enter Display Name=Mario Games
    Collection/Rom List=All Systems
    Global Filter-->Add Rule-->
    Filter Value=Mario
    (optionally you can hide the “All Systems” Display from “Show in Cycle” and/or “Show in Menu” after your done)
5. Create a tag group for Mario Games
    Press the “T” key-->Create new tag-->Enter new tag name=Mario Games
    Press the “S” key-->Search for:=Mario
    Go to a game you want to add and press the “T” key-->Add tag:’Mario Games’
    <repeat the step above until you have all the games you want to tag>
    Press the “S” key and delete “Mario” and press the “Enter” key
    Configure-->Displays-->All Systems-->Add Filter-->Enter Filter Name=Mario Games-->Add Rule
    Filter Value=Mario
6. Create Favorites
    Go to a game you want to add and press the “A” key-->Add ‘<game name>‘ to Favourites?=Yes
    <repeat the step above until you have all the games you want to have in Favoritres>
7. Create a 80’s game filter
    Configure-->Displays-->All Systems-->Add Filter-->Enter Filter Name=80’s Games-->Add Rule
    Filter Value=198

Tip: The "All Systems" Display looks and works best when you use the same or simular "Layout" for all of your Emulator Displays.

If you found this interesting or helpful please let us know how you like to use your master romlist.

General / New Source Code Strikes Gold!
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:57:14 PM »
- Added customized layouts for the displays menu/system selection menu
- Added ability to set image origin in scripts (for centre rotations etc)
- [rpi] Issue #266 - Fix for keypresses being cached w/ sfml-pi build
- Added layout options configuration for 'Displays Menu' layout
- Fixed "Toggle Layout" when used on the displays menu layout

What this means... a real Displays Menu! So long to issues with a keyboard hooked up!

Great work!

1. a good looking (themed) system menu (a.k.a. Display Menu that is the default menu)
2. modify the search function to include an on screen keyboard (like ArcadeBiss has in his theme)
3. a Genre list (I know you can do this with filters but a separate input(s) to active a different sets of genre/other filters and/or different tag files.)
4. more predefined/standardized media paths for layout makers to include like: box. media (cart or CD), advert, snap, video, fanart, background, etc. I know you can do this now but it requires customization per theme.
5. sub-menus, so you could just have Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Arcade, etc. on the main menu then 2600, 5200, 7800, etc. on the sub-menu for example.

I love AM and I run it on several of my machines. It kicks butt on a Pi. My arcade cabinet and HTPC are still running another FE but I'm still not ready to make the jump. AM could be the best FE for all platforms but still needs some upgrades and some hype/social media/EmuMovies exposure to get it to the masses.

I know I should have put feature requests elsewhere but then it wouldn't fit the overall thought. Don't get me wrong, I think that AM is the only option for a Pi right now and a great option for everything else. I'd love to see it be the best option for every platform.

General / What controls do you use for Attract-Mode?
« on: August 15, 2016, 01:14:50 AM »
What is your favorite method to play games and control Attract-Mode?

General / What hardware do you run Attract-Mode on?
« on: August 15, 2016, 01:05:43 AM »
I'm curious how everyone is using this great frontend. Chime in and let us know your favorite hardware to run Attract-Mode.

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