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Scripting / Re: Last Played Games - Most recent Games list
« Last post by spud1 on Today at 01:46:58 AM »
Final version of script LastPlayedGames.nut (to be added to /home/pi/.attract/plugins/):

Code: [Select]
// This plugin saves the most recently played game to the "Last_Played_Games.txt" romlist
fe.add_transition_callback( "most_recent_game" );
function most_recent_game( ttype, var, ttime )
 switch ( ttype )
  case Transition.ToGame:
                system( "echo '" + fe.game_info( Info.Name ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Title ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Emulator ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.CloneOf ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Year ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Manufacturer ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Category ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Players ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Rotation ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Control ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Status ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.DisplayCount ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.DisplayType ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.AltRomname ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.AltTitle ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Extra ) + ";" + fe.game_info( Info.Buttons ) + "' >> ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt" ); // Takes the details of the game most recently played and inserts them at the end of the Last_Played_Games.txt romlist
                system( "tac ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt | awk 'NR==1 {a=$0; next} 1; END{print a}' | tac > ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games1.txt && rm ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt && mv ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games1.txt ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt" ); // Takes the most recently played game and moves it to the start of the romlist
                system( "awk '!x[$0]++' ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt > ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games1.txt && rm ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt && mv ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games1.txt ~/.attract/romlists/Last_Played_Games.txt" ); // Removes duplicate entries in the romlist, leaving only the first (and most recent) entry for a particular game
        return false;

To ensure that the focus is on the most recent game that was played when the Most Recently Played Game Display is first opened, add the following code to the layout.nut of the Display/Theme:

Code: [Select]
// This plugin ensures that when the Most Recent Games Display is opened, the first game in the romlist is in focus
fe.add_transition_callback( "first_game" );
function first_game( ttype, var, ttime )
 switch ( ttype )
  case Transition.ToNewList:
    fe.list.index = 0
        return false;

Thanks to keilmillerjr for help on the above script.
General / Re: exit display help
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 11:56:44 PM »
Because when I use the built in one and close am it doesn’t re open on that display..for example if I close it on ps or nes and re open it that will be the selection it’s on... if I exit on the exit screen and reopen it goes to the system On the left... I want the exit screen to be the first screen when opening.

It sounds like you just solved your own problem. Make your exit emulator the first entry in your attract.cfg file (or as you call it "the system On the left") and then exit using builtin menu.

Really, I'm kidding (all though it probably would work). I see that you're the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" type of person (i.e. 50 of your 60 posts are about exiting AM across multiple threads).

Your desire isn't built into AM. You can accomplish this by using the AM exit command to call a script that you make that modifies/replaces/updates the file that holds this information. The first line of the is read when you launch AM and it tells it what to load.

First line of
Code: [Select]

The breakdown is something like this (I figured it out a while ago so it's not fresh on my memory and you'll need to test) 5 (5th emulator listed in the attract.cfg); 5 (5th display listed in the attract.cfg), 1 (filter applied to the display); 6 (game position within the display and filter rules);

BTW - the counts listed above start at 0 and not 1 (like most things in the computer world).
Just my 2 cents but why are you even using the runcommand if you're not using ES (EmulationStation) or AM (Attract-Mode)? Why not modify your to natively launch RA (RetroArch) and then you can use the "-c" switch to specify the retroarch.cfg file which has the "mame2003-skip_warnings = "disabled"" entry? By using the RP (RetroPie) launching scripts you're just mudding the water and making things more complex due to their structured .cfg file hierarchy.

I'll also mention that by default, RA disables saving changes to its config file. To change this you need to modify RA either manually through the retroarch.cfg file or using the RA GUI.

Code: [Select]
config_save_on_exit = "true"
Did you try to edit it on the Pi itself by nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg ?

No I don't really like to edit / make any changes that way, I lack the Pi confidence...

Yet, it may help to diagnose and/or solve the problem, in case something is wrong with the other methods. nano is just a text editor for the console, like Notepad. So, the above command doesn't do anything you didn't do before by editing the file with Notepad, or overwrite it with an edited version using WinSCP.

Alternatively, you could install an ssh client for Windows, log into your pi (like WinSCP does) via ssh, and use nano this way from your PC.

edit: Another alternative to see if the file is written correctly would be to just show its contents on the Pi itself by this command:

Code: [Select]
less /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

In less, you can browse the file with the cursor keys and PgUp/Down, and exit with "q".

As always, I'm not trying to force you to do anything, just giving suggestions that I think might help.  :)

Again so far for the games I'm using it for I haven't ran into an issue however this for would be nice to clear that dumb screen. I know how to do it I just don't understand why it isn't saving the setting. I can get back into Emulation Station if it can be done that way, I think that's how I did it on my other "Attract Mode" many roms build I can't remember.

I think that Emulation Station won't help in this case, because the option Skip Warnings in part of RetroArch's core options you can only access via RA's configuration menu when the particular core (here: MAME) is loaded, i.e. a MAME game is running. The standard button combination to access the RA menu is "Select + B" – if you set the "Hotkey" in Emulation Station to be the same button as "Select" (as most people do, it is a kind-of-standard).

In the RA menu, the option Skip Warnings is located in the Quick Menu, in its submenu Options (Quick Menu > Options > Skip Warnings). Maybe it helps to set it there.
General / Re: bug help
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:38:28 PM »
XP is over 15 years old and is no longer support by Microsoft. Attract-Mode uses ffmpeg for video rendering. Ffmpeg has dropped support for XP. You can read this and see another person that recently had issues with XP as well as some special builds just for XP. I don't know if any of this will fix your problem. In the link it's mentioned that Attract-Mode 2.3 works for them on XP.

Windows 7 is the way to go if you want any kind of support and want an older, lighter weight Windows OS. You can shutdown all unnecessary services and processes to it make use even less resources.

Linux is another option that isn't as bloated with unneeded services, processes and GUI.

Really the question is why XP? Old hardware? If that's the case buy a $30 Raspberry Pi and you'll likely have a better experience running Attract-Mode on top of RetroPie.

P.S. You're not going to play these games with a keyboard. Do you have the same issue if you configure a controller? Also, run the console .exe when launching Attract-Mode and see if there is any information shown there that might help resolve your issue.

General / Re: bug help
« Last post by glaysonmestre on Yesterday at 09:02:36 PM »
 have already looked, I have removed the commands, I have already changed the commands, I have changed the themes, I can not find out what is :-\
Themes / Re: Ambience HD theme [WIP]
« Last post by Compacdusk on Yesterday at 08:58:54 PM »
Any new progress? I've been looking for a new theme and I really enjoy this
General / Re: exit display help
« Last post by Steven Campoli on Yesterday at 05:39:49 PM »
Because when I use the built in one and close am it doesn’t re open on that display..for example if I close it on ps or nes and re open it that will be the selection it’s on... if I exit on the exit screen and reopen it goes to the system On the left... I want the exit screen to be the first screen when opening.
General / Re: exit display help
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 04:40:32 PM »
if display name is X, launch terminal with shutdown arguments.

Why not use the built in exit feature of display menu?
In the language file u can change the confirmation message but the actual text on the screen, I updated am and their a exit message option which does both the screen and confirmation.... now I’m just trying to make my exit display the be the first screen when I launch am lol
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