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Scripting / Re: KeyboardSearch module
« on: Today at 02:19:54 AM »
my search screen is in the upper left corner, my question is, and how do I get it to the center of the screen?

This is what i do:
Code: [Select]

// Search
local search_surface = fe.add_surface(flw*0.375, flh*0.4)
search_surface.set_pos(flx*0.215, fly*0.36, flw*0.375, flh*0.4);

General / Re: new BlendMode...
« on: Today at 02:17:29 AM »
And all this what processor do you need?
Could a raspi 3 with it?

Themes / Re: Blueprint 1.0 (Finally!)
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:32 AM »
check the layout settings "attract-mode" ... u can set when that will activate or u can disable it

Thanks...   ;D

Themes / Re: Blueprint 1.0 (Finally!)
« on: Yesterday at 05:52:23 AM »
Good job. Nice theme  :D

But I have found a small problem but quite annoying: When you are searching, if you delay a bit, the snap appears full screen and you no longer see the search. Either you are fast or you can not search.  :-\

General / Re: Sub menu collection Issue
« on: Yesterday at 04:46:50 AM »
Have you created a romlist called 3-4 players.txt?
Have you created a 3-4 players.cfg in attrac \ emulators?

It would be nice to see the content of your attract.cfg ...

Themes / Re: pandoras box 5 "release" by jedione
« on: Yesterday at 04:40:26 AM »
Amazing... a great work!!! Thanks very much.   :o

General / Re: Finally pushing some small bits to github
« on: Yesterday at 04:13:07 AM »
And considering that I hate videotutoriales in Spanish... well I do not add more...
Why is that? Just curious.

Because most of youtube tutorials are very bad and only serve to waste time ... For a good one, there are a hundred bad ...

It is what has any "smartass" can make a video in two minutes counting any nonsense with minimal effort.

Themes / Re: Add info in system Menu
« on: Yesterday at 04:08:40 AM »
thanks. there is no solution. I could use images with text to be placed on the screen...

Between creating images or pasting a text in the penultimate ";" of the romlists I think there is a difference of work ...

But hey, everyone takes the solution that seems ...

General / Re: Finally pushing some small bits to github
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:24:15 AM »
They taught me how to do things as well as I could, but now people are going to do things with whatever it costs them the least effort. And I do not say it for keilmillerjr, I say it in general.

In addition, everyone can do what they want.

And considering that I hate videotutoriales in Spanish... well I do not add more...

Themes / Re: LCD Theme final version 08/2018
« on: August 12, 2018, 08:30:41 AM »
Replaced old version with the final version. (Or at least that is my hope. ) 8)

General / Re: Finally pushing some small bits to github
« on: August 12, 2018, 02:02:42 AM »

Video explaining the two items above:

The videos explaining things in English, are a bad idea for those of us from non-English speaking countries... Thank you very much...  ???

Themes / iomenu theme for systems menĂº
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:12:22 AM »
iomenu Theme for Systems Menu.

Well, I've still finished it, although basically I only lack the texts of most systems, the system works quite well.

I am Basque and Spanish, so the descriptions texts that appear, of course, are in Spanish.
If I had found the files with the texts in English, i would have put them, but i only found games, not systems.

Attract-Mode 2.4 is needed, with the previous ones it will not work correctly.

You can see it here:

The first menu, the main one, can not be modified or put options, at least that I know, works with the options set by default in the theme layout.

In the following menus, the options to choose are two, if the wheel is hidden or not after a few seconds, and the type of information to be displayed:
  • Basic: that's when the video goes full screen and you see in the lower right corner, some basic data of the system.
  • Complete: It is when the video is placed in the upper right and below the details and system information appear.
  • None: When only the system video appears.
Here you have the theme, the attract.cfg, the plugin, the romlists and the site where I got the videos:!Lw1WnazR!RLgvom45dgsbDZrCofDHWUG9e1Si21zWsewX_vMbwMA

All this is very personalized, but I'm sure you can adapt it to your systems, and if not, you can always ask me to see if I can help you.  8)

And if you think of something interesting to add to the theme, then tell me, to see if it can be done...  :P

Themes / Re: Add info in system Menu
« on: August 11, 2018, 07:21:05 AM »
Buuuffff, this question is a good question... :D

There are those who have achieved it with Overviews, i have tried it, but i have not succeeded, in the end, i chose to use the Extra field of the romlist.

If you are interested, this is my WIP project of systems menu: iomenu theme -->

Themes / Re: LCDv2 Theme 08/2018
« on: August 10, 2018, 03:36:16 PM »
New version, look firs post.  8)

For those interested in the shuffle lists and their animations, see my new code, more refined than the previous one, reducing its size very significantly.

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