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General / Re: Demul In AM
« Last post by 7ank0v1c on Today at 05:41:12 AM »
I have another problem now, sometimes when I load a game it doesn’t load it in full screen mode and have to exit it and go back in. It’s like the luck of the draw with wether or not it’s going to work. Any ideas?
General / Re: Demul In AM
« Last post by 7ank0v1c on Today at 05:28:12 AM »
I figured it out now. Thanks for the help guys. I selected the wrong GD-ROM plugin. Make sure gdrimage is selected  :)
General / Re: Attract mode (HyperPC) can't launch any game!
« Last post by woldemort on Today at 04:28:53 AM »
# Generated by Attract-Mode 2.2.1
executable           H:\HyperPC\RocketLauncher\RocketLauncher.exe
args                 -s "[emulator]" -r "[name]" -p AttractMode -f "H:\HyperPC\Attract\attract.exe"
rompath              H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\
romext               .zip; .7z; .ZIP; .7Z; .smc; .SMC; .sfc; .SFC
artwork    flyer           H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\flyer\
artwork    marquee         H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\marquee\
artwork    snap            H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\snap\
artwork    wheel           H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\wheel\
artwork    boxart          H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\boxart\
artwork    cartart         H:\HyperPC\Roms\snes\cartart\

Did you mean this?
This is the config file of my super nintendo emulator (retroarch), which as said did work in the beginning, but not anymore.
And none of the other ones work either, not even ones like pinballfx.
General / Re: Attract mode (HyperPC) can't launch any game!
« Last post by hermine.potter on Today at 12:17:38 AM »
please post content of depending config file:
see : path_of_AM\emulators\name_of_your_emulator_display.cfg
General / Re: Demul In AM
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:09:06 PM »
The post above is correct. The "other setting" would be specific to your install.

A search would find your answer.
Themes / Re: Ambience HD theme [WIP]
« Last post by sickle on Yesterday at 07:35:37 PM »
hey, Oomek.
just wanted to say that i love all your work. (i currently use the silky theme)

PS: is there any way you can release a beta version of this?
General / Re: Demul In AM
« Last post by 7ank0v1c on Yesterday at 06:14:37 PM »

Im going to guess that it will be some other settings?

Any ideas?

could you screenshot your settings that work?
General / Re: Demul In AM
« Last post by jedione on Yesterday at 05:24:03 PM »
args                 -run=dc -image=[romfilename]

works for me...?
General / Demul In AM
« Last post by 7ank0v1c on Yesterday at 11:28:46 AM »
Hey guys, I am trying to get Demul to work properly on my computer, but am having a few problems with it.
I am using the following rom path setting in the config, which works perfectly with gdi images, but I also have cdi images and they obviously don't work with this setting.

-run=dc -image="[rompath]\[name].gdi"

Equally, I realize that this way means I can only have one rom in the folder, and other files would have to be replaced like 'track.bin' files

I tried this setting, but it doesn't seem to run any of the roms.

-run=dc -image=[romfilename]

Could someone help please, thanks in advance =D
General / Attract mode (HyperPC) can't launch any game!
« Last post by woldemort on Yesterday at 09:33:20 AM »
I have installed HyperPC with many games. HyperPC is made to work out of the box and comes with many emulators and all configs already done.
HyperPC uses Attract-Mode to launch the games, so that's why i'm here. When i first installed it, configured some personal settings, and almost everything worked.
Then i remember one day trying to get PinballFX working, because the config file for it wasn't working. I finally got it working, something happened and now none of the games work.
I tried editing the config files, and even replacing the whole attract-mode folder with the original HyperPC folder, and same problem. I can see all the games, and everything else works in attract mode, but the games won't launch! I have tried launching some games through only Rocketlauncher, and it works, with all the splash-screens and everything.

What should I do? I have come to the conclusion that the fault lies in Attract-Mode. It is a very good program and everything worked in the beginning as said, but something just went wrong.

My system:

i5 750 @3.2GHz

ASUS p7p55d-e

8GB Hyperx 1600MHz

Hyperx 120GB SSD

4 other harddrives

HIS iceq x HD 6870

Windows 7 64-bit
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