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Update again

- Bug fix - now the grid is running smoothly than before
- Enable / Disable Preview snap in option
- Add back Transition Time setting in option
General / Attract Mode and stats folder
« Last post by spud1 on Yesterday at 04:09:39 PM »
I know that Attract Mode can record both the Play Count and the Time Played in the stats folder.

For example, in my /home/pi/.attract/stats/FBA folder, I've got a 1941.stat with the following lines:

I know that the "1" represents the play count.  Does the "7" represent the amount of time?  Is this in seconds?

Has anyone found a way of using this information in Attract Mode?
Themes / Re: Robospin Universal Theme (Updated 19/01/18)
« Last post by yelever on Yesterday at 04:03:54 PM »
Having trouble running this.  Every time I pick Universal theme for the system it crashes attract mode.  Not sure why it's doing it.
General / Pinball FX2 back ti AM menu
« Last post by ^F117^ on Yesterday at 11:44:46 AM »
Hi I have pinball fx2 in AM menu, after start the table when I finished playing, when I press the esc key it does not return to AM menu, but it open the pinball FX2 menu. I have already try to set a hotkey in the emulator options.. any ideas?
Can you or someone please post this pre-built image file without any roms of course possibly including Gridlee a legal rom as an example the problem is I already have a pre-built image with loads of games and the memory card is super maxed out with video snaps , marquee images or nonsense which I don't want any of that. Hopefully someone has a clean pre-built image they can share compatible with the rpi3b+.
Sorry, I can only help you modify the official Retropie image, if you want to try that route.

The official image is available here:

After placing in the text as you recommended It still loads to my wheel / a menu within Attract Mode & DOES NOT launch the game directly. Can you or anyone else notice any mistakes within this
Your is completely different from the official Retropie The latter only contains a single line "emulationstation #auto". My instructions are meant for that one. Thus, just adding my lines to your isn't going to do much good. You should either delete the old content (be sure to backup the file first!) or put an "#" before every line in it.

Also, you forgot a "/" at the start of the last line. It has to begin with "/opt/..." and not "opt/..."

Finally, you only used "galaga" as the ROMs filename. Does it really have no extension like ".zip" or similar? You have to use the whole filename including any extension.

Having said all that, I really recommend that you work from scratch with the official Retropie image instead of your custom made one, as you can't be sure in what ways it differs from the official one, which could create problems if you apply a modification that's meant for the official image.

Hi all,

I've been working on this layout on and off for a little while as I had a couple of bugs that I couldn't seem to iron out. After a moment of clarity (read:sobriety) I think it should be working pretty well now. It's basically an expanded version of my Vertical theme here:

It's very much aimed at CRT cabinets running at 640x480. I haven't tried it in 320x240 but it would probably work fine with some tweaking to font sizes and such.

I've included the layout and the attract mode config file because it very much relies on both the displays and filters being setup in a particular way but it should be easy enough to follow. Ask any questions if you want any more info.


(Note that I haven't finished my games lists yet so there's a few blanks/rom names showing as titles etc)

Switch between game list view/history/artwork with a button press (button 3)
Switch between system/genre/year/controls with a button press (button 2)
Switch between filters (based on above list) with a button press (button 1)

Uses the animate2 and history scripts from arcadebliss so credit to those guys for being awesome

Hope this is useful to someone!

Great theme, love the orange/ black color contrast!
I think its theme related in your case. You can try changing exit message manually via editing attract.cfg (its near the end in "general" heading) or through "settings> general > exit message" in AM. If changes are not reflected then comb through theme files. Its hard to tell by linked snap if theme is utilizing a picture or text for exit.

Changing exit message will effect both the confirmation screen and the "Exit" listing in theme.
@ rand0m
Sure. There are three methods:

1) sleep timer
a simple sleep timer by command:
3000 means 3000 milliseconds (3 seconds);
half second (0,5 seconds) = sleep(500)

2) waiting for a certain dialog / dialouge / menu / window thats apperar to focus.
the script goes on, if a certain window gets focus.
winwait & winwaitactive
an example here

3) bring a active window to focus / foreground:
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

the already started notepad editor gets to foreground / back to focus
Scripting / Re: Error (index "0") while using Leap Plugin
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 02:53:18 AM »
Spot on! I also think that since display menu lacks filters thats why leap plugin is showing the index 0 error. I first believed that when no filter is set, romlist defaults to "All" but that doesn't seem to be the case in display menu.

One way to tackle this might be to select specific lists where leap plugin is applied (or select where leap shouldn't apply). In most cases first two tiers of hierarchy "Display menu > Platforms" need to be excluded.

In your case, Platforms is an actual display with filters. So it should be ok. It’s only a “Display Menu” that is the bugger. I can fix this. No worries. Sorry it took so long to get to this point, and thank you for the help.
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