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roboesp theme, in spanish.
« on: May 27, 2018, 05:18:50 AM »
Many spanish fans pass through this forum, so here i leave the theme "roboesp", which is based on the original omegaman robospin.

It has, among others, the following changes:

- All texts and options are in Spanish.
- Changed some wallpaper options.
- Changed the spinwheels system for another that occupies less screen and has more options.
- Changed the system of using wheels or marquees.
- You can choose the number of wheels per type of spinweel (vertical or curve).
- You can choose the number of lines when you choose the list of games instead of the spinwheel.
- You can choose the alignment (justification) of the list of games (left, right, center).
- Eliminated the random color system (sometimes colors came out that did not show anything).
- Removed the icons that were used to indicate the category and the manufacturer of the games.
- Removed the pointers that indicate the wheel (this is not the Hyperspin, although it seems a lot).
- New information system only text, with the name or all data.
- The front of the marquee is painted black before using the marquee, so that transparent marquees can be used.
- The logo of the system used is always visible (there are 129 logos available).

Two screenshots:

 if you like it or want to try it, here it is:!3h8USbYQ!fEKv0K1LOevAO3wgJErxT8a8t1RctKjgok3ckv32ows
 If there was much interest in it, i could do the translation into english, but, in principle, i have no intention.
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I love that on my laptop the eyes shine to the Alien every time i access the ssd... :D