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Announcements / Re: Version 2.2.1 Released
« on: May 29, 2017, 05:30:39 PM »
I just rediscovered mame and have been having fun configuring Front_Ends.  I tried out mamewah on windows, then moved to wah!cade on linux.  Now I'm playing with AttractMode on Linux and it's the best so far ;)  I'm working on USB installs of Lubuntu so I can run on older machines easily.  All is good, but I ran into a snag today.  My 64bit install is working great, but I'm stuck on the 32bit install.  It looks like the only way to do it (for me on 17.04 lubunto) is to compile it myself.  The steps didn't look too bad, until I looked at the first dependancy... which would also require that I compile.  Even the 64bit install went a little slowly as I used the GDebi installer which painfully alerted me to all the dependencies.  Zesty didn't have them all by name, and the equivalents didn't satisfy the dependencies, so I fished in the Wily pool (15.10) and it seemed to work.  I suppose I could try the same on the 32bit install... that is install all the dependencies from 15.10 and then try to compile the 32bit of Attract... but it's a little out of my wheelhouse with so many moving parts.

Is there any chance of you providing a 32bit .deb for the current version of AttractMode?  I looked through the old versions and didn't see any 32bit Linux .deb candidates.

Thanks for your time and such a great piece of Software!

UPDATE:  I no longer need the 32bit .deb of 2.2.1 as I was able to install 2.2.0 from the .deb in this post:

It was a little rough in that I thought I would start by pre-installing all the dependencies I needed for the 64bit Attract 2.2.1 install, but once i did that and tried to install Attract 2.0.0, it required Xenial (16.04) libraries.  Oh well, linux is pretty good about allowing me to clean up my mess.  Bottom line, it's working... Attract 2.0.0 on 32bit Zesty :)

Thanks again for all your hard work.

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