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General / AM Quits on MAME start.
« on: May 17, 2023, 04:08:32 PM »
Mac Pro 2012, AM 2.6.1, SDL MAME .204 (so far seems the sweet spot for this machine.)

I had it working perfectly last night after it was locking up on ROM load and I changed whatever this thread told me to do:

I added a few more ROMS and they all work when I run MAME from the terminal.  When I load up AM and select a game it gets through the machine loading, and then quite back to the AM frontend instead of actually running the game. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm SO CLOSE to getting this going, what did I miss - it feels like something is sending an escape command to the program but I'm not?

I was running MAME in windowed mode out of the terminal to troubleshoot using command line arguments and now it's also stuck in windowed mode - and AM is also trying to run MAME windowed, could that be it?


General / MAME locking up when launching games from AM on OSX Mojave
« on: July 13, 2022, 06:35:02 AM »
Macbook Pro 2012 running High Sierra.
Older version of SDLMAME, not sure how to check which one.
I have always run it from the terminal (long story) but now I might need to use this machine as a backup for my Mac Mini that usually does the job when I take my MAME rig to events. I installed Attract Mode, latest release, and it seemed to scrape and find everything okay but when I go to run a game, it loads the game and then the whole system just locks up, either while it's doing the checksum or as I am coining in. Like I had to hard reboot the laptop
I went back and everything runs flawlessly from the terminal. I've used AM for years on my Mini (ElCap) and on my main laptop (Mojave) and it runs perfectly fine both places. I'm sure there is a weird setting somehwere that I'm missing? I remember setting this all up forever ago on the mini and on my main lappy and it was very easy.
The only thing I can think of it did AM change somewhere along hte line to need admin privs? I didn't think it did but that was forever ago, maybe it did?
I can't remember my login for the AM forums, I will crosspost this over there as soon as it lets me reset my creds but looking to get this sorted before the weekend - I leave for Event then.

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