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Title: using multiple emulators and other applications with one wheel
Post by: Firefoxian on November 17, 2020, 09:20:38 PM
So I'm looking over the .nuts to find where the code is for executable, arguments and paths. What I want to do I simply add the possibility to run different apps using the same wheel names on the same wheel. So I can have multiple versions in test, multiple emulators and the great one: manuals open easily.  (yes, I know there is a manuals addon)  I'm imaging opening full videos, web searches and more all on the same wheel with many configured buttons.This should be just a few lines of code and would include a line for setting a button assigned to each. I would make up to 5 per wheel.
Thing is, I haven't found it yet and assume it's embedded in the compiled exe. Is it? Also, want to help?