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The layout does pull those backglass images from the "marquee" location (basically treating pinball backglass the same as a video game marquee). Typically you'd have a definition for marquee in your cfg file, but I think AttractMode will also look for a folder by that name if the definition isn't there. For example, my pinball cfg file has this line:

artwork    marquee         $PROGDIR/menu-art/pinball/backglass


Love this front-end. Is it possible to show the game name or something like that in place of a missing marquee ?
I have most of them but I am missing quite a few. The "?" is ok though if its not possible.
Thanks! Unfortunately there is no option in the theme to do this. It could be added with additional coding, but I'm not currently spending any time on this theme, sorry (I'm building a full pinball cabinet so that's currently taking up all of my "hobby" time). I do agree that it would be better to provide this feature, and the same goes for the wheel when an image is missing.

YES!!! great suggestion, now it's perfect! can't thank you enough! :D
just out of curiosity, why am i the only one having this problem? is there some configs that my mac can't read?
now back to renaming!  8)

Nice! Looks much better.

I think this problem would appear for anyone with this type of cabinet and a generic "placeholder" image. It's a result of assuming a consistent placement for the marquee, then having cabinets of varying height. Now that you mention it, I think I did see this problem once. But in my case I removed that generic image. I suppose another option would be to make a generic cabinet that includes the marquee, making the placeholder marquee unnecessary.

Ok, then how about this: Make a transparent image, and name it to match the problem rom (for each of the ones with shorter cabinets). That way it should show nothing behind the marquee area, but only for these cabinets.

Hi, can you please help me, i’ve installed the theme on mac, everything is working fine, except for the games in the atomiswave or naomi white cabinets, i can see my old marquee behind the cab, any idea how to fix this? I will still use it if it’s not possible, the theme is amazing! Thanks

I've got an idea what is going wrong there. First of all, there is a designated space for showing the game's marquee, and many of the cabinet images include a blank (transparent) space there so that the marquee can show through from behind. But other cabinets (like the one's you're referencing I think) include that marquee as part of the cabinet, so the separate marquee image (not really needed in that case) will just show behind it and normally be hidden. But then we run into a smaller cabinet like this example, and the marquee shows around the top and sides because the marquee region isn't really covered.

So I think that explains the main issue, but the remaining bit is where does that image come from. I'm assuming there is no marquee file matching that rom name, so AttractMode starts looking elsewhere. Most likely it is finding a match for the emulator name or the display name (guessing something like mame.jpg). That image might be in the marquee directory, but it could also be in some other less obvious location. If I recall, I had a problem like that where the image was actually within the scraper directory.

I'd suggest looking around for that file, probably named the same as the emulator or display, and renaming it. If no substitute marquee image can be located, I think it will just be left blank and that should solve the issue.

Themes / Re: The Great Themes Collection for Attract-Mode Plus [Beta]
« on: February 24, 2022, 11:01:05 PM »
Usually when the theme won't show up like that, there's a script error to be found in the log file (or console). From your video I see the important part, the script error:

"the index 'ReadTextFile' does not exist"

I'm not familiar with the specific issue, but I think ReadTextFile is part of the "file" module, which I think would normally be located in modules/file.nut. Maybe there is a problem with that module, or it isn't where it is expected to be.

Themes / Re: Intro Gallery - Post a link to your favourite intro
« on: February 12, 2022, 01:03:30 AM »
Looks very cool squareboy! And nice editing work! I don't have the HS experience so it's all new to me.

I agree that in general the concept of an intro video could get old quickly, so keeping it short seems important.

Yeah, this theme was just an enhancement to the work of others. The decision to include those upper level directories had already been made when I started my work, so I just stayed with the status quo. It's possible we could do that differently but I think the original author's intent was to avoid duplication of shared resources that are also used by several other themes.

The modifications to the coinops artwork all came from this thread by damonxxx If you check that one I think you'll see some discussion about how those files were reformatted and the bricks removed.

@tsaylor. RE: Git

Curious how you have your repo setup relative to your attract installation?
* After forking the repo it looks like I'll need to clone at the attract root
* Doing so will constrain from maintaining a few layouts simultaneously
* Would you consider changing the root of your repo to your layout folder itself?
* You haven't changed the gtc-common or modules folders have you?  Might be best to have these as separate repos.  For simplicity, could go down the route of an aggregated repo with these as submodules.

I'd be happy to POC this if needed.

So... I wasn't really sure how to handle that, since the original layout was distributed at that "Master" directory level with all the required dependencies included. I hesitated to even include them, as I wasn't involved in their creation and am not even sure of all the original sources ("modules" as well as "gtc-common"). Then there is also the matter of the install instructions which are stored at that top level.

I would have preferred if the layout install "package" simply included the directory that can simply be placed under "layouts", but that would leave some complexity with the dependencies (and potentially the need to copy some files around after the fact). But that would have made applying updates easier. Makes me wish there were a general AttractMode way to declare/import dependencies without needing to include them in the layout downloads.

What I did on my system is put the entire repo into its own directory, and then made the AM "layouts/At-The-Arcade Flex" directory just a symlink to my git location. So that's another possible approach you could use. But I'm open to changing it, if you think the git submodule approach would be more workable.

As it is your fault, I thought that I would add in here lol. I had a look through your layout.nut and blew my mind on how complex it is, and without ripping off the code bit by bit, I am trying to do what you have done in your layout

Ha, yes part of it is my fault and part it the previous author (both the good parts and the bad parts). I actually haven't done a lot to that text section, as most of my focus was around the multi-aspect ratio changes. Most layouts seem to do things as in your example of "flx*0.10, fly*0.96, flw, flh*0.015", but that doesn't work so well when supporting both portrait and landscape orientations, so a lot of my changes involved using formulas instead of hard-coded numbers. The main thing I changed in this bottom text section was to support one line vs. two lines (for landscape vs. portrait). I'd like to go back at some point and add additional information in that section, and possibly rework how it formats those lines.

But anyway I'm glad you were able to have some success! And of course, copy or modify anything you like. These .nut files definitely take some getting used to. I also wanted to make sure you were aware of the wiki at, just in case you aren't using that already.

Hi, it's an awesome Theme that I'll use but is there an option to show in wich FILTER I'm on like All, Favorites? it's just written Game for all filters if I enable the Game Information.

thank for the good works.

Thanks! Unfortunately no, there isn't currently a way to show the filter. But this is a good point, and Tungsten78 mentioned this too, that there should be additional details in that bottom section. I'd be happy to add more but I'm not sure how soon I'll get to that.

For now, if you're interested in editing your layout.nut file, you could look for the section where it says "Game: [ListEntry]/[ListSize]", and replace Game with "[FilterName]" (but if the result is wider it may require playing with positioning/size to make everything fit).

Nice, open to merge requests?

Sure, this whole project has been a collaboration, a modification and enhancements to the work of others. I can accept changes as long as they support the various aspect ratios (the hotkey setting can be used to simulate different resolutions).

Themes / Re: At-The-Arcade Multi-Cab [Release] - Updated 20 February 2021
« on: December 31, 2021, 04:26:54 PM »
The At-The-Arcade Flex theme is in github now (see Yeah it's essentially a fork with a large number of changes and a different name. Probably want to install it in its own folder with its expected "Flex" name, but the settings are mostly the same and the appearance should be close. The largest differences are the support of multiple aspect ratios and the addition of pinball support.

Agreed about the Great Themes Collection. I hope we see Yaron around here again.

To better manage any future changes, this theme is also now stored in GitHub at

Themes / Re: Theme Idea
« on: December 30, 2021, 09:10:15 PM »
Looking at the line of the layout where that error occurs, I can see it is trying to create a resource file of some sort under the "layouts/mvs-insertcoin" directory. My guess would be that your directory naming "mvs-insertcoin-master" is causing an issue and it needs to be just "mvs-insertcoin". I'm not sure why it is named with "-master", but I know that some layouts use that naming convention for an upper-layer directory which includes some other supporting files that are outside of the normal layouts directory (so, just a part of the install packaging but not the final location name).

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