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Themes / 35 old pc history - info
« on: August 29, 2023, 04:59:07 AM »
Hi. This theme is for android, not an attract mode, so is a bit of topic but it has some useful info you can use in attractmode theme, that's why i post it here.
I created something like a history of old pc in chronological order with info for every pc, like when it was created, in what nm was its cpu, memory, how many games it has etc. I searched a lot to find all those info to do this. The info for every pc are in the comments of the youtube videos, so you can copy past it to your theme if you need those info.

A little info. I have many themes in attractmode, but recently i try to move my collection to android also. I used for this reset_collection frontended and retroarch as the emulator which it use to play the games. The Video is from nvidia shield connected to my 65 inch tv.
But i also have them to my galaxy tab s8 ultra, with a custom gamepad and a custom magnetic rotating base. I hope attractmode to go to android some time in the future as it's much better.
Anyway here are the 2 videos.

I have it in android, i got used to it, so i wanted to have it in attract mode in windows. Although it's a very easy theme, i haven't find a similar theme in attract mode. It needs to play videosnap of the game, and show description of every game. I already have all the data (videosnaps, snaps, description of game etc). If there is a similar theme and haven't noticed it please inform me.
This is a description of the theme:

I suppose there isn't, but I'm not 100% sure so i wanted to ask others just to be sure.
I have a monitor connected to both windows pc and Xbox one. I could add to my attract mode theme an Xbox one category with my games, video etc. What i would like to do, is selecting a game to attract mode , somehow to communicate with Xbox, trigger it to run the game IN XBOX. I have the Xbox connected to the same monitor with pc, so it could be like Xbox one is another emulator from attract mode..

I already have a big collection of mame (arcade) unique original games.
I wanted to add 2d games from old consoles (snes, sega genesis, psx1, etc) but i don't want to add games that i already have them in mame (arcade).
Is there any list for this? I have searched a lot in Google without success.. Im trying to create a library of almost all old 2d unique (not have same game in different platforms) games..

Hi. A little of topic probably but perhaps it is interesting for some : In this video i describe how you can create those (and other) pc from paper by just printing it with a simple printer and cut the paper. I have download link for the prints. Many ideas can be made. For example cut the paper and glue it in plastic (3d printing) or wood and creating a real pc and put the electronics (emulator) inside. Also you can modify the prints and change the size as you wish.

In this mostly oftopic video, i describe how i created my arcade gamepad and showing reset collection, an Android frontended which i use when i haven windows pc to use attract mode, and is the best i found in android.

General / Attract mode run emulator in background
« on: April 16, 2020, 12:20:05 PM »
I run amiga emulator ,fs-uae. I try to do everything portable. Anyway, in the pc i have installed  attract mode everything working ok.
When i copy past everything to another pc (without installing android auto), it also works, but every time i select a game in the list of attract mode, this runs in the backgound. I still see attract mode screen. But if i exit attract mode, I see the game running in emulator fs-uae.
Can i do any setting to attract mode to solve this?

my amiga.cfg file if it helps:
Code: [Select]
executable            $PROGDIR\Amiga\FS-UAE\Launcher.exe
args                 "\AttractMode-Amiga-PaulMe\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\[name].fs-uae"
workdir              \AttractMode-Amiga-PaulMe\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\
rompath              \AttractMode-Amiga-PaulMe\Amiga\FS-UAE\Configurations\
romext               .lha;;<DIR>
system               Amiga
nb_mode_wait         3
exit_hotkey          Joy0 Button8;Escape
pause_hotkey         Num1
artwork    snap            $PROGDIR\Amiga\VideoSnaps

Hi. In my channel ,I have add in a Playlist most of the themes from here , to be in one place organized and be tracked very fast, (those I found video) , but also many more from other sites , forums etc. I will add more from other sources, if I found in future, or if anyone wants to be in my collection. I have links to the original developers threads here (so many viewers who doesn't know the forum, or what attract mode is, will be targeting to this forum), and to the original places to download .Anyone who find useful the idea take a look and support by subscribing if you like.
Attract mode is only a placelist as I have other subjects also in my channel . Its a new channel with a few subscribers for now.

I actually believe that I support the forum with this, but if any admin thinks  different , feel free to delete my post without farther notice, as in don't actually earn anytime for this, and I don't target to earn in the future. I just had the time and the will to do the idea.
 Thanks ,

Themes / My channel with attract mode useful things..
« on: February 06, 2020, 04:48:41 AM »
Hi, I have start uploading useful things, display attract theme, info, emulators etc in my channel here:
In the 3rd Playlist are the emulation info.
It's not anything fancy, not professional channel or anything . My personal channel is old , but
I had only a few videos, I now starting to upload more and organized a little .
 I actually am newbie in attract mode , but I think I have some  things which may be useful to some.
I was uploading my videos for some friends  actually , but I saw that I had some views, so I decided
 to make it more organized so whoever see it to understand better.  I would like to make
 one video with many attract mode themes and links  to here, to every each theme. But need  much
 time to do this. If I found the time I'll do it.
If anyone wants to upload his attract theme in my channel or anything regarding emulation he thinks
useful , give me a pm, I would glad to add his video with link to his page here. If I upload anything
which the owner disagree , also give me a pm, and I'll  remove it. I don't  earn anything anyway, I
have very few subscribers . Anyway anyone who like the idea , take a look, and if you find it useful
maybe subscribe to support .

If I post in wrong thread , or anything feel free move, or remove my thread.


I mostly mod themes of others. I have found all I need without actually learn the language. But for moving the objects in screen I spent many time.
For example, I have a background with a transparent area (screen most of the times). I then have to change at least 4 values, width, height of videosnap and x, y of where to move in screen..
All this is a very time consuming process .. I change the values , run attractmode to see where videosnap went, exit attractmode, change values again, ........... until I have it the way I wanted.
Are you all doing the same, or is there an easier way? I know threre is an online theme maker, but perhaps it will be worst, as I have to make a theme from the start..

Scripting / The background hides the list of the games.
« on: January 25, 2020, 08:11:09 AM »
Hi. A newbie question. I am modify a basic theme but i stuck on this:
I have a backgound picture with transparent only the screen to see the videosnaps.
The list of the games is seen only in the screen.. (Where it is transparent). If i move the list somewhere else, it doesn't show.. I suppose it is hided from the background. It is probably in a layer above background . How can i solve this? If It helps this is the code of the gamelist: Perhaps add something to lb.sel_style  ?
Code: [Select]
local lb = fe.add_listbox( 1032, 64, 262, 852 ); //lista  32, 64, 262, 852
lb.charsize = 19;
lb.set_selbg_rgb( 25, 25, 25 )
lb.set_sel_rgb( 0, 0, 0 );
lb.sel_style = Style.Bold;

fe.add_image( "bg.png", 1, 1 ,0,0);


Emulators / Amiga emulators setup for attractmode?
« on: January 16, 2020, 06:13:34 AM »
Hi. I am probably oftopic, as the forum is for attractmode, and my question is not 100% for this, but as i haven't registration to more appropriate site, I'll ask it here.
I have mame, amstrad, pinball emu, setup and working fine in attractmode and now I try to add Amiga.
I setup winuae, downloaded some game rom, and kickstart files, and it works ok, i can play.

But after searching here, i found out that i need FS-UAE emulator to use it from attractmode..
So my real problem is that i can't make FS-UAE to work.. I setup it, watching some video in utube, i do exactly the same. I use for kickstart files the same i used in winuae, and same .adf games rom (as floppy) which all worked in winuae. But when press start button in fs-uae emulator, i get the window "FS-UAE- Amiga 500", i hear sound of floppy drive and see a white picture with a blue disk which write amiga workbench v1. 3 and nothing else. It stay there.
 I have spent many hours trying everything. In YouTube videos it boots in game.

Is there a problem with kickstart files? I read somewhere (but i am not sure i have understood well) that in fs-uae i need to buy the kickstart roms, and they need to have a rom.key in the kickstart folder?  I don't have that rom.key but winuae was working..
If anyone knows.. Many thanks.

Scripting / Newbie question: Rotate snapshot?
« on: November 16, 2019, 11:30:26 AM »
Hi. I have modified a basic script to my needs, changing the values i wanted. Only thing i still trying without succes is rotating a bit the video snap. Perhaps anyone can help. I read some time but havent succed. I wont need something more than that for the simple theme i build.
What should i add to the code to rotate the video snap ? This :  local t = fe.add_artwork( "snap", 348+240, 152-60, 262+550, 262+380 ); It display horizontally as is. I need a small angle to much my graphics (bg.png).
Thanks .
This is the code:

Code: [Select]
// Attract-Mode Front-End - "Basic" sample layout


//*****This is what i want to rotate
local t = fe.add_artwork( "snap", 348+240, 152-60, 262+550, 262+380 );

t.trigger = Transition.EndNavigation;

//t = fe.add_artwork( "marquee", 348, 64, 262, 72 );
t.trigger = Transition.EndNavigation;

local lb = fe.add_listbox( 32, 64, 262, 852 );
lb.charsize = 19;
lb.set_selbg_rgb( 255, 255, 255 );
lb.set_sel_rgb( 0, 0, 0 );
lb.sel_style = Style.Bold;

fe.add_image( "bg.png", 0, 0 );

local l = fe.add_text( "[DisplayName]", 30, 15, 270, 30 );
l.set_rgb( 255, 255, 255 ); = Style.Bold;

// The following function tells the frontend to use our title
// text and listbox (created above) for any menus (exit menu,
// etc...
fe.overlay.set_custom_controls( l, lb );

// Left side:

//lText.rotation = -60.5;
l = fe.add_text( "[Title]", 1970, 1265, 320, 16 );
l.align = Align.Left;
l.charsize = 17; = Style.Bold;
l.rotation = -4.0;
l.set_rgb(240, 240, 240  );

l = fe.add_text( "[Year] [Manufacturer]", 30, 441, 320, 16 );
l.set_rgb( 200, 200, 70 );
l.align = Align.Left;

l = fe.add_text( "[Category]", 30, 458, 320, 16 );
l.set_rgb( 200, 200, 70 );
l.align = Align.Left;

// Right side:

l = fe.add_text( "[ListEntry]/[ListSize]", 935, 1067, 290, 16 );
l.set_rgb( 255, 255, 255 );
l.align = Align.Right;
l.charsize = 16; = Style.Bold;
l.rotation = 2.0;

l = fe.add_text( "[FilterName]", 320, 441, 290, 16 );
l.set_rgb( 200, 200, 70 );
l.align = Align.Right;

Hi , congratulations to all for such a good project here. I have read alot here, setup some themes, mod them for my need. All perfect except this minor bug.
I use last version AM to windows 10 pro, samsung book 12 (core i5 8giga ram, resolution 2160x1440) ,mame version v209.
Every time in AM I select a game, for a millisecond I see desktop and then game runs. Same when I return to AM from a game.
I searched here. I only find something similar, to loose focus. I dont have this. Everything is working. Anyway I tried everything I read, no solution.
Perhaps running some script which would load a black screen for some millisecond before and after running emulator?
How could I setup this, and would this solve the problem?
Thanks ,
edit: If it helps, when I shutdown AM every window (internet explorer, file explorer etc, but not desktop) has become very small , and I have to resize them. So it is probably some changing resolution problem?
Edit2: I have the same problem if i don't run AM. By using mameui i see the same. So it is a mame problem..
I don't know how to resolve this..

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