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thanks for still supporting.
i know its taking me soooooo much time, too much to continue being interesting
but im working, i have no much time right now, but im on the way
sorry for all the delays
and i cant publish a beta right now, cause now with the migration to am+ (and some rebuilt parts of the code) i cant bring a useable version
in any case thanks to all that continue supporting me and waiting for the theme, i wont fail you, just give me more time and thanks for your patience :D

abought the beta was cool.. i enjoyed...when can we see beta for this kinda new one...and try?
is this with am+

Yeah, its AM+

I have to migrate all the old conveyor and animate modules to inertia. Then finish the category editor rework the controller setup and the parental control, make a way to make collections inside the frontend and finish to debbug some code.

It will take some time, cant say exactly an amount, depend on a lot of variables. But, this year between spring and summer, i expect to have a pretty pulish useable version.

Hey hi all!!

With 2023 i bring you news about this theme.
Now my situation has changed, i have again time to continue developing this stuff, and of course, i bring you a new demo video with the actual state.
In this last year, i couldnt update a lot, but that doesnt means that i didnt do nothing. I reworked ALL the code of the theme, making it finally full responsive, now all works smooth and with absolute no load times.

I still continue debuging code, and it will take me a time, but I promise you, this year IS THE YEAR.

Hope you enjoy this new demo, and trust me that very very soon i will finally publish the first public release.

Yep, its alive bros. Just I have a bunch of unexpected things in my real life that forced me to delay this project. Im really sorry... Just until now i didnt had time to spend on PC in the last 6 months. Now im again with all the things in my life finally in order again, and the willing of finish and publish this theme absolutely untouched.
Just gimme me a little more time, now i have to remember and comeback at the exact spot i was coding before that situation.
Thanks for your interest.

TLTR: The project is alive  8)

Themes / Re: Elegante theme showcase [example video and screenshots] [WIP]
« on: September 23, 2021, 10:59:11 AM »
Hey yo, the project is alive. I just need some more time, cause it happens too many things on my IRL that take too much of my time. But i will never forget this, just give me a little more time and sorry for the long deploy is this theme taking

Well, sadly i have to say that the release will delay a bit... Some weeks, some months maybe.

That have a reason.

Until now, i coded all using a "trick" with the attract.cfg that makes the scripts reload every time the user select a entry in the romlist. That makes possible cool functions BUT have the problem that the more the code gets longer, the more the waiting times become bigger. That means, when the user select a system or a game, before he gets the display he wants, it takes about a second of script reloading without show any loading sceen. The user just feels the sensation of LAG, because between he preses a button and the theme reacts, it takes time.
So, what i can do reached that point? Yes... rework ALL.

I can continue doing the cool functions like to have different screens and overlays just with 1 layout, the genres, the XML scanner, the built in overlays... The theme will have all that i has now, this wont take out any function of the theme. But... this need a lot of work doing new coding and debugging the old, impleementing new callbacks and better use of the controller functions that i shown in the last demo.

The result will be "1 display for all". That means, no need to reload code every time the user enters a category or a system. All will work instantly, the only time the user will need to wait a loading time will be when launching the frontend, but since that, all must work with total fluidicity; because the theme only will load ONCE and all will happen in the same display with dinamic functions.

The counter part of that, is that all the code got obsolete in a moment, and i will need to debug ALL, line by line, 8900 code lines, rework almost every single one function and variable. I wont lie, this will take a lot of time. I will work hard to do all the faster i can.

I focused all my efforts on add content and functions, and cause of that, i didnt spend enough time to make a clean and "Elegante" code, so i ended with a TON of raw code, with redundant functions and a huge amount of lines that can be grouped and parsed a lot better. Literally i forced the compiler to the limit at a point that the theme just crash or works extreme slow. In this state, the theme is not "Elegant" is "Shabby". Now i need to do the things on the right way, simplifiying cleaning and optimizing the code. And OFC, to stop use the "trick" that forces the frontend to reload all scripts, and do a better use of the memory used by the aplication and the functionality of AM.

Since the start, i knew i will need to debug code before the release. But I didnt expect to get a point with so many functions like it is now. And now, the work of optimizing that i have in front of me, is terrorifying.

But trust me, it will worth to wait just a little more to have a really good feeling version of the theme.
For everyone that is following this project: im really sorry for this. I received a lot of mails and messages of support, and brothers, you are GREAT, thanks a lot, and forgive me for force you to use a little more of your infinite patience with my project.


Any news about this project ? I love the visual.

If you always need some help I'm french too and can help to translate in a good french too.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration.
Now im finishing the pending functions (ingame controls, bezels and debug code and bugs).
When i get a stable and ready-to-beta version, i will count with all of you to do the final version of the translations.

Thanks a lot for your interest on the theme. I will work hard to have a stable and enjoyable beta very very soon.

beautiful, I'm still waiting to be able to contribute to the French translation. 8)

If you want to keep the suspense until the release I understand, you just give me the texts to translate into good French  ;)

OFC man, the collaboration on translations is very much appreciated. I send you a PM. Thanks bro!

Continuing to work on the theme, starting with the final proccess.
This time i bring a video demo with the animation of the screensaver display.
Hope you like it.

BUMP with a new preview video.
Step by step, closer to a public beta release.

New additions:
-New fully functional controller setup.
-Reworked settings menu with more functions and better visuals.
-Added multifilter selection combos.
-Added new sorting options for gamelists (number of players, last played, times played and time played).
-Improved the last played games and the most played games displays.
-Improved music player.
-Added the option to change category names.
-Added a game editor to able to change every single game data.
-Added a icon to remark the favourite games.
-Improved functionalities and messages about disabled categories and games.

Next WIP:
-Add more options in statics display (most played systems, genres, etc).
-New resolutions, orientes for vertical displays (arcades, etc) and possibility to flip screen "onthefly".
-Routine that detects if its the first time the user opens the theme, to show a link or a video with a tutorial on how to deal with the theme.
-Add a parental system to able users to lock categories, genres and games with a password. Even the possibility to only able to open the frontend with user and password; and maybe an user system that stores different stats and info for different users.
-Add a virtual keyboard.
-Add an auto-cleaner that seeks into the ROM and SCRAPER folders for unused and unlinked data to clean old useless files.

hey, this is excellent work. I have a question, where did you get the roms overviews in Spanish? or did you translate one by one?

Skraper(dot)net, with their APP

For all, im working hard now on finish the theme. This project is totally alive!
Im sorry to dont show anything in some time, that's because these weeks i worked on debug the code, because it was big bunch of redundant lines. I finished that work, being able to remove about 1500 lines of code without lose any functionality (that means less CPU charge, fluidicity and useability on low specs bundles).

Now im implementing a game editor that overwrittes the default one of AM. Its a hard work, but im on the good path, i expect to be able to show a new teaser soon.
Thanks all for your kind words about the theme  :D

And, OFC, also new functionalities like a new settings option, new lines in the stats section and some visual improvements.

Themes / Re: Elegante theme showcase [example video and screenshots] [WIP]
« on: September 27, 2020, 05:23:49 AM »
Just bumping the theme to let people know that the proyect is alive!

I need betatesters if someone is interested.

Would be amazing if the testers had some of that languages:
English (native), portuguese, french, or german.

New functions:
-Music player integrated.
-New game stats bypass the AM internal, storing last play date and making a file with most played games and last played games.
-Possibility to enable/disable entire categories.
-New algorithm that stores the stats dinamically and makes the display Stats to load instant.
-New option to scan counters once and then updates it dinamically.
-Added Portugese, French and German languages.
-Reworked the Arcade display with a 3D cabinet.
-Configured the right joystick to scroll game descriptions.
-Added the display for controls (still WIP).

Added more languages.

The theme will come with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Galician.

If someone wants to help adding other languages or correcting someone of the existent, please contact me!

Looking that the theme is becoming to get some interest for the fellow users of this community, i make another video, this time showing how works the function to count games, make romlists and extract overviews and GAME GENRES/CATEGORIES without a catver.ini file, using a MAME folder only with ROMS, nothing more.

Hope you like it!

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