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Hypseus Singe or Singe 2 help


I have a windows 10 pc and i am trying to get laser disk games working in attractmode. I have Hypseus Singe and Singe 2 both working outside of attractmode. I found this example for timrtraveler but it is for linux
# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.6.1
executable           /home/user/Downloads/s200l64/./Singe-v2.00-Linux-x86_64
args                 -k -w -d data -v /home/user/Downloads/s200l64/Hologram_Time_Traveler_Singe_2/Video/Hologram.mp4 "[romfilename]"
workdir              /home/user/Downloads/s200l64/
rompath              /home/user/Downloads/s200l64/Hologram_Time_Traveler_Singe_2/Script
romext               .singe
Does any one know how to get windows version going?

Well I wasn't able to get any help here but after 2 days I figured it out and got all laser disc games running. Soon I will post a link of all the laser disc schemes running in a track mode. I am using a simple theme with no flash no box art just the name of the game and a video snap to show what the game is like that's it.

 :o wow and me and ARIKEFFC  been working trying to get ours to work, so what the arg setting for it to work on attract mode ? we also could not figure it out


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