Author Topic: PCSX2 AVX2 QT launch error...  (Read 1233 times)


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PCSX2 AVX2 QT launch error...
« on: February 04, 2023, 07:11:20 AM »
Hey guys, how are you?

I've been using Attract-Mode for a long time with several systems, now with a new pc I'm emulating the Playstation 2, so I configured this system on the frontend, researched the configuration, I'm using the PCSX2 emulator, follow the details:

Emulator: PCSX2
Version: AVX2 QT
Channel: Nightly Releases
Revision: 1.7.4009
Date: 02/04/2023

My configuration in emulator file:

Code: [Select]
executable           C:\ERB\Emus\Pcsx2\pcsx2-qtx64-avx2.exe
args                 "[romfilename]" -fullscreen -batch -nogui --
rompath              D:\Console\Sony Playstation 2 [1G1R]\Games\Base-1G1R\
romext               .chd
system               Sony Playstation 2

The final command line looks like this, I tested it via CMD and everything worked correctly:
Code: [Select]
C:\ERB\Emus\Pcsx2\pcsx2-qtx64-avx2.exe "D:\Console\Sony Playstation 2 [1G1R]\Games\Base-1G1R\Backyard Wrestling 2 - There Goes the Neighborhood (Europe).chd" -fullscreen -batch -nogui --
But when I try to run it via Attract-Mode an error occurs and the game doesn't load, I tried to review and change some things but it didn't work at all!

The log file tells me this:

Code: [Select]
- Working directory: C:\ERB\Emus\Pcsx2
*** Running: C:\ERB\Emus\Pcsx2\pcsx2-qtx64-avx2.exe "D:\Console\Sony Playstation 2 [1G1R]\Games\Base-1G1R\Backyard Wrestling 2 - There Goes the Neighborhood (Europe).chd" -fullscreen -batch -nogui --
Error executing command: 'C:\ERB\Emus\Pcsx2\pcsx2-qtx64-avx2.exe "D:\Console\Sony Playstation 2 [1G1R]\Games\Base-1G1R\Backyard Wrestling 2 - There Goes the Neighborhood (Europe).chd" -fullscreen -batch -nogui --'

I tried to remove the -- from the end of the command, it also runs successfully via CMD but it keeps giving an error in Attract-Mode!

Is this some inconsistency between version AVX2 QT and Attract? It would be a shame because this version brings many new features that are not present in the retroarch version.

If you can help I appreciate it!


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Re: PCSX2 AVX2 QT launch error...
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2023, 10:41:45 AM »
 :) Hi Im here to show how to fix your issue. I hope this will help you and as well help others

 you don't need give a command for --fullscreen or hide the --gui with the new ps2 emulators.

also you dont need to add batch anymore because new ps 2 emulator you can create your own custom settings per games.

in the argument just leave as "[romfilename]" and you don't need add the --fullscreen or --gui  "that is for the old ps2 emulator version 1.6.0"

Now before you launch your game threw Attract Mode be sure to go to your ps2 emulator its self and pick a game you want to play and press "ESC Key" this will bring a "Submenu Pause Screen" Now look at the button left of your screen and  you will see the "setting" once your their make sure you follow the setting I show you on this images

Here is my arg setup to give you an idea how I got my set up
Code: [Select]
executable           D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\pcsx2-qt.exe
args                 "[romfilename]"
rompath              D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\roms
romext               .iso;.bin;.mdf;.img
system               Sony Playstation 2
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    boxart          D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\boxart
artwork    cartart         D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\cartart
artwork    snap            D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\snap
artwork    wheel           D:\hyperpie2_32\RetroArch\Emulators\Sony Playstation 2\wheel

once your done make sure you Completely Close your Emulator.
after all set and done you can look at my video here to show how its works for my Attract Mode
this how its look when you launch it