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i'm using my favourites tag from mame as an Arcade Classics, so i've added to favourites all my fav games from mame, i won't add any console game to the fav list, but i would like to add the atomiswave games to it, but if i add an atomiswave to fav, it creates it's atomiswave tag, and the games wont show in favourites. (sorry for the confusion)
is there any way to create a single favourite tag in 2024?using attract mode plus on mac.
thanks in advance!

Ok, then how about this: Make a transparent image, and name it to match the problem rom (for each of the ones with shorter cabinets). That way it should show nothing behind the marquee area, but only for these cabinets.

YES!!! great suggestion, now it's perfect! can't thank you enough! :D
just out of curiosity, why am i the only one having this problem? is there some configs that my mac can't read?
now back to renaming!  8)

Yes, in the picture I’ve posted you can see the “general” arcade marquee behind the cab, but if i remove that image (mame.png) then I won’t have any marquee for the cabinets where I actually don’t have the respective marquee’s rom.
It is like my marquee are always in the same position , and it is perfect for the classics shape cabinets, or the big white ones because they are covered behind , the only “problem” is with the cabinets that don’t cover all the screen.
I will check tomorrow the scraper folder, thanks again for the great work! I will post any updates

Absolute killer layout. Works like a charm in MacOS, whereas gtc-common has to be installed in the .attract directory. Works on MacOS flawlessly. Thank you, this is pure joy  8). The changing cabinets drive me crazy  ;D.
Hi, can you please help me, i’ve installed the theme on mac, everything is working fine, except for the games in the atomiswave or naomi white cabinets, i can see my old marquee behind the cab, any idea how to fix this? I will still use it if it’s not possible, the theme is amazing! Thanks

Emulators / Please help me to install retroarch on mac
« on: May 08, 2022, 01:35:21 AM »
Hello, after reading and trying everything i’m going crazy to get retroarch to run via am.
Everywhere it says that the arguments string should be:
But my cores are not there, i have them in:
/library/application support/retroarch/cores/“stella.lybretro”
Anyway both locations won’t work, i have as well the -L and [romfilename] commands.
The games run fine in retroarch.
Mame is working fine in am.
What should I have in command arguments?
Thank you in advance!

Themes / Re: Pandoras Box Theme
« on: May 07, 2022, 10:57:33 AM »
the link is out, can anyone upload it again?

Themes / Re: [Download] Pandora's Box 4 Ultimate Theme
« on: April 29, 2018, 12:48:55 PM »
Hi, i'm using this theme for my arcad eroms, i moved the artworks (flyer,marquees etc) inside their corresonding folders in the arcade folder, but they are not showing. any idea to fix it? thanks

Themes / Re: Pandoras Box Theme
« on: November 05, 2017, 01:14:24 PM »
PopImage display an image when you press a button with help how to play ot start game or other information.

For now image with white letters, later i make a new one with yellow

Tks a lot

Here is plugin.

PLEASE! would you mind to explain me how to do it? do i have to drag the PopUpImage.nut file into the folder of the theme? and how can i set a button to show it?
AND, i've got like 3000 mame roms, and when i'm on 1000 and over the first letter of the rome name goes over the number, how can i move a little more right the rom name?? Thank you!

Themes / Re: Pandoras Box Theme
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:09:01 PM »
hi, thanks for your work! few noob questions  ::)
•How do i change resolution? it opens at 4:3 and i'd like to have it at 16:9 widescreen.
•The mame logo it wasn't showing up,so i renamed the png in the system folder to MAME (Libretro) and it fixed it,
 if i add others .png for consoles would it work?
•Is it possible to get the roms list disappear when Not scrolling and showing just the flyer instead?
I really love it and i wanna use it for my cabinet, sorry for the questions, and Thank You! ;D

Game Station supported for 4:3 & Wide Screen now. Please download correct layout theme. It supports multi emulator purpose.

I would like to say thank you first to AM development team, liquid8d, version, omegaman, xbs, Bgoulette. They help me a lot for the new layout.

Preview Here:

Change Log in new version:

1. Add layout mode option (default is simple)
Simple mode - for new user, display wheel logo and single back group color only, but color can be customized in option   
Expert mode - for advanced user, system, logo, wheel logo and back group color (each catalog each color) setup by layout.nut file manually

2. Add game list display option (listbox only, listbox + spin, spin only) (default is listbox + spin)
If you are using old machine, recommend using listbox only

3.Display logo by (wheel only, wheel + system, system only) (default is system only) 

4. Add CRT effect option for video screen (default is No)

5. Add Preserve aspect ratio of Flyer option (default is No)

6. Display spin by (snap,wheel) (default is snap)

7. Add animation effect

8. Add scrolling effect for display title   ->  It is not support this moment until liquid8d update a new scrolling module.

9. Layout improvement

Current download version  v2.6.3

sorry, but i can't fint the download, is the GamestationHD? it didn't work to me. Please can someone post me the link to download it? Thank you!

Themes / Re: SILKY Theme v0.6.9 beta
« on: June 11, 2017, 08:19:11 AM »
I'm using Motion Blue, so all my snaps,marquee etc. for MAME and FBA are in the ARCADE folder.
 all the video are working, but the column on the right it's not showing anything ,i get just black.
what kind of file goes in the right column? .png? or it takes previews png from the video snaps that i have? :-\
thank you!

so i found out that if i put an image, in the same folder of the videos (snaps), it shows up! it is supposed to be like this?

Some improvements to amiga background, added some reflections:

Download full quality:


this looks great!!! how can i install it?

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