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General / Emulator not closing the game on exit.
« on: October 11, 2021, 05:37:34 PM »
RpI3 build.  This seemed to have come out of nowhere when it's been working perfectly fine.  Only happens when I launch a MAME game, it stays running in the background.  I can exit back to AM, select a different game, and launch it, but it immediately goes back to the original game that is still running paused, and then the exit keys do not exit the game, forced to pull the plug.  Thinking something was buggered up in the runcommand menu options, I open the runcommand menu, when I click the up or down button the screen just flashes and the cursor stays at the top of the list.  I can type the corresponding letter to get the other menu items highlighted, but clicking enter does nothing.  Any clue what the heck is going on?  I've been at this for two days now.

General / How can I change font size for the tag/filters menu?
« on: November 23, 2020, 06:36:27 AM »
The font is huge for some reason on my tag & filters menu, I can't seem to find where the font size is set.  I tried the layout.nut file, but could only find where it loads the font, nothing about the font size. 

General / Hotkey+F causing emulators to restart
« on: November 20, 2020, 09:59:04 PM »
On my Rpi3, fairly fresh build, keyboard, not joypad.  I'm modifying my retroarch.cfg found in "configs/all" to suit my buttons and assign some of the hotkeys, and while I tried to assign volume down to the 2P stick down (assigned keyboard button "F" ), it restarts the emulator.  For trial and error purposes, I copied over the stock unedited retroarch.cfg and tried again and it still does the reset.  I can't for the life of me figure out why it's doing that.  Another strange thing is that I can't disable the fast forward hotkey, either with "nul", or # in front of the line.  Am I editing the wrong .cfg for this?  The other changes that were made took effect.  This is the global retroarch.cfg I'm modifying.  Any suggestions?

General / Default artwork when artwork is missing
« on: October 01, 2020, 07:32:34 PM »
retropie with AM setup, Robospin-HD layout.

Hey guys, I'm embarrassed to even ask this... I knew at one time how to do it, but it's been several years since I have messed with this.  I can't seem to get a default artwork image to load when none are present for a particular rom.   I swear that it used to work, and now it does not.  For some reason if artwork is missing, it grabs a different, incorrect artwork.  For example, Alex Kidd shows the marquee for alien3, and alien syndrome for the wheel.  I double checked my artwork folders, the artwork is indeed missing, and not just incorrectly renamed, so not sure what is going on.  Where is the default artwork location and how do I check to see that the layout is directed to use the default artwork when none are present that match the rom?  I've researched for two days now and can't figure it out.  my artwork is located in my rom folder.  I've tried, for example, for the marquee, I've put my default image in the marquee folder, and have tried naming it "marquee.png", also tried "MAME (Libretro).png", and "Arcade.png".  I see in the layout folder for Robospin-HD, there is default artwork in the main folder, however it's not being used.  I hope this makes sense.

Setting up retropie & AM, running official retropie image, added AM from the experimental packages on a RPI3.  In AM, when I click any of the RetroPie menu options, ie.  audio, bluetooth, retropie setup, raspi-config, etc. it just scrolls a few lines of text and returns to the menu.  These all work from ES and command line.  First thing that I noticed after running AM for the first time, is when I choose to delete a display, it is not deleted, it's still there, may be related.  I tried updating Raspbian, Retropie, & AM, but still the same.  Any help would be appreciated.  This is the first time I've tried messing with AM in a year or two, as I was plagued with different issues back then.

General / Layouts going crazy, strange behavior.
« on: November 21, 2018, 05:17:13 PM »
Today I tested a bunch of layouts on my pc.  On my RPi3, I deleted all of the layouts in the .attract/layouts folder, and copied over all of the ones that I'd like to use that I previously tested on my pc.  Now, in my display, under layout pick box,  none of the new ones are showing, only some of the old ones that were deleted. When picking the old layouts, only a couple of the old ones show as they should, all the rest are showing as the default with the large screen text and the snap in the background full screen (they all worked before all this).  I've rebooted, thinking maybe it would refresh, but still no go.  What the heck happened?  Seems like anything I try to do just screws up my AM setup.  I'm stumped.

I've been at this for days on end.  I've made some progress, but still a good bit off.  I'm trying to setup ScummVM on my RPI3.  It didn't come with Floob's image, but I went through the retropie setup and added the package, and updated from source.  I was able to switch to ES and open the Scummvm GUI, add the directory for the games, and close/reboot.  In ES, I can now see the list of games, and click the games, which open and run fine.  When I switch to AM, and click a game to play, it quickly scrolls some text, and goes right back to AM display, never launching the emulator.  I must have something off with my emulator configuration.  Another strange side effect, when it fails to load scummvm, is that when I try to type any text, such as editing a display or emulator text box, it does not allow me to type anything.  All other navigation buttons with the keyboard work though, I'm forced to reboot, then all is normal.   This is my first time trying to install a new emulator, having a hard time.  Is there a good tutorial to adding, or can someone guide me?  I also can't get any snaps/wheel/background art to show up either.  I'd really appreciate some help, and can provide info from any files needed.  I should also mention, I first tried keeping the roms in their .zip file, but AM and ES could not recognize them.  I unzipped them all into individual folders, and then they were found.
Thanks in advance.

General / Couple minor issues after upgrading Raspbian, Retropie & AM
« on: November 01, 2018, 10:34:44 AM »
I had some strange behaviour with AM, so I completely updated Raspbian, Retropie & AM.  The updates fixed the original issues, however I now have a couple problems come up as a result.

1.) The overall resolution in AM is very low after updating everything.   I tried looking for resolution settings in raspi-config, but it's not there.  (I also tried updating respi-config first, still not there).

2.)  When running any game, any emulator, the entire display has a high frequency jitter, up and down.  It's a very tiny amount, but enough to notice, very annoying to look at. 

I'm going to try using a different monitor/TV later today and see  the jitter follows.  Any thoughts on how to correct these two issues?

Sorry guys, this probably is an easy one, but I've spent two days trying to figure this out and no luck.  I have it working perfectly fine with AM on windows, but not on the retropie.
When creating my romlist, there is no other data included in the list, just the romname. 
catver.ini, controls.ini, and nplayers.ini are in /home/pi/.attract/mame-config
I've also created my own listxml.xml file and tried several ways to use it, but not sure of the appropriate way to go about doing that.  Can someone help please?

Running on Raspberry pi 3, Floobs image with everything up to date.

Just need some quick help so I don't screw something major up.  I've added bezels to my mame collection, however, the playable area is the correct size, shader and curvature effect looks great, however it is pushed all the way to the right side of the screen.  This is on a 720p television, could that be the problem?  Which file should I edit to move the playable area to the center?

General / jukebox??
« on: November 29, 2016, 08:25:03 AM »
Has anyone had any luck integrating a jukebox type feature into attract mode?  I had found someone developed (and abandoned) a "jukecade" for the pc, which integrated into mame cabinet and was able to utilize the coin slots, etc. much like a real jukebox.  I was hoping to find something like that that could be used seamlessly with attract mode.  Any ideas?

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