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I finally got around to tinkering with this again, and implemented the changes to the chd paths. I also came across a few rogue MAME files in another folder which I deleted. I’m not sure which is he of those fixed the problem, but it’s working flawlessly now.

Thanks so much for your assistance.
General / Re: Just the thing for my repurposed MacMini
« Last post by amartens on Yesterday at 05:30:35 AM »
Hey Brewski! :)

I'm also running Attract mode on a mac mini with MAME and it's real good! 
I have not tried Kodi with attract mode unfortunately, but I will look into it.

Has anyone with the mac based version of Attract mode been able to run any other emulators besides MAME?   I haven't been able to launch anything else besides MAME unfortunately, but would love to be able to run SNES & NES emulators from Attract mode. 

Hi Inkagnito, to add kodi, create a new emulator called Kodi

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.2.0-3
executable           /Applications/
args                 "[romfilename]"
rompath              /Applications
romext               .app
system               Kodi
artwork    flyer           $HOME/Kodi/boxart
artwork    marquee         
artwork    snap            $HOME/Kodi/videos;$HOME/Kodi/snap
artwork    wheel           

General / Re: Dolphin Emulator on MacOS
« Last post by amartens on Yesterday at 05:22:24 AM »
These are the configs, works perfect with Dolphin 5.0;

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.2.0-3
executable           /Applications/
args                 -e "[romfilename]"
rompath              $HOME/Roms/wii
romext               .zip;.wbfs;.iso;.ciso
system               Nintendo Wii
artwork    boxart          $HOME/Roms/wii/boxart
artwork    cartart         $HOME/Roms/wii/cartart
artwork    flyer           $HOME/Roms/wii/flyer
artwork    marquee         $HOME/Roms/wii/marquee
artwork    snap            $HOME/Roms/wii/snap
artwork    wheel           $HOME/Roms/wii/wheel

In Dolphin Emulator, change the following settings;
- Launch Dolphin, in Options>Hotkey Settings, select your controller under “Device” then map the Exit Key, (right analog stick button works well)
- In Options/Graphics Settings, tick Use Full Screen, tick V-Sync only if you have a low end or onboard GPU to reduce tearing.
- In Dolphin/Configure/Interface, untick Confirm on Stop
- In Options>Controller Settings, configure the Gamecube & Wiimotes controls.
- Tips; google the controller to see its layout, with the Wiimote, configure the nunchuck stick with the left analog stick on your controller, tick Sideways Wiimote

Hope this helps
General / Re: Mac and Ubuntu builds?
« Last post by amartens on Yesterday at 05:10:33 AM »
Head over to the Hyperpie Expanded FB page, were are shortly launching Hyperpie Mac Version!!!

- 126 HyperPie Displays & over 60 emulators
- All systems from HyperPie + Kodi, NEC PC-FX, Panasonic 3DO, Sega Saturn, Gamecube & Wii
- ALL games/programs launch and exit back to attract mode.
- Most of all… Super Easy to install ….no need to instal full OS, install 4 Apps & just transfer files
- Can be installed on local drive or external drive, 2 sets of emulator config files will be provided, can also switch from local to external drive at any time, providing configs files are swapped and rom folder moved….. REALLY EASY no editing .txt files!
- All Artwork included, just add BIOS & Roms
- Generate Favourites from multiple emulators/displays

Stay tuned

General / Re: After update, black screen.
« Last post by calle81 on Yesterday at 04:44:48 AM »
I guess you have a HyperPie or Motion blue based image? The update script is not part of Attract Mode and the update procedure has changed since that script was made. Follow the wiki here to update on Pi.
General / Mac and Ubuntu builds?
« Last post by calle81 on Yesterday at 04:36:17 AM »
Hi, anyone got up to date Mac and Ubuntu builds that they can share?
Scripting / Re: Any way to hide attract mode using scripts?
« Last post by qqplayer on Yesterday at 04:13:17 AM »
Can you paste the code?
I made some attempts but have some problems sending the ritght "filename/path".

General / Re: Inverted controls?
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Yesterday at 03:27:33 AM »
Try setting next_game and prev_game.
General / Inverted controls?
« Last post by dukpoki on Yesterday at 02:08:06 AM »
I feel really dumb asking this but how do we configure AM to run horizontal themes and not have inverted up and down and left and right controls?

I've tried swapping the control binds but then the controls for the config menu are inverted.
Themes / Re: Layout theme released
« Last post by Tapper on January 18, 2018, 11:35:01 PM »
This is actually a really cool theme. You have to try it to see why, because it's really nice in motion.

I would love to see it further developed, maybe a version with a game list wheel added on the side or such.
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