Author Topic: Can some please help me,I can't find the Cools layout in AM layout folder..??  (Read 1289 times)


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All the others are in there but can't find this one layout,why,is it part of AM or something..??

This is it..

Its the first one in the list of layouts..??
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i wasn't able to find it too, but if you go to the link you postet, copy the layout.nut text and make your own layout.nut file, save that into a folder and copy it to your layouts folder in attract.
now you can fiddle around with that, i hope i could help :)


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Sorry to bring this back, but the previous posts are partially helpful... I think...

I have not found a folder for cools in my AM, but am running Cools. Surely it is getting its config and layout from somewhere... yet nothing comes up in a search of my Pi... I want to edit the layout.nut file (to get rid of the rom name bar at bottom of screen) and wonder if just adding these folders to the layouts subfolder would work, or is it still going to get its config from wherever it gets it now?