Author Topic: after launching and quit taitox game the resolution of attract mode is over  (Read 172 times)


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after launching and quit taito type x game or nesicalive
the resolution of attract mode is over my screen
(i think i get the game résolution )
please help me



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I have the same issue with a few emulators.
Some help having the resolution switch back would be much appreciated.


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Go in your config and go to plugins there is a plug-in called res fix clicked on that and enable it if you got one system that goes out of screen type in that name of the system correctly and it will work for that one system but if you got multiple systems type in all the names while separating the names with semi-colons and that should work I had the same problem and found out resolution fix in the plugins fixes that problem just type in the name of the emulator as you have it in the display are emulators name and it should work hope that helps