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General / Re: Roms into subfolders
« Last post by progets on Today at 04:30:12 PM »
If you want to try to get a feature added to AM you should create a ticket here

You could write a script that recursively looks into folders and creates all your .lnk file or even creates your AM romlist directly.

You could use middleware like RocketLauncher with AM to add all sorts of additional features (like sub directory support).
General / Re: Roms into subfolders
« Last post by firewater on Today at 12:27:49 PM »
Alright so I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and make some exceptions to my file structure. I'll make a folder with .lnk files and problem solved. It's not ideal but I don't have enough patience to go with more intricate methods that support my usual file structure. If any dev is reading this, please do support romlist search inside directories. I'm aware that EmulationStation and RetroFE both handle game-adding like this, with a setting were you choose to enable it or not for the given folder. If you think it like that, it's worth considering it on the basis that it seems to be commonplace and not just some fringe petition from an OCD guy.

Once again thanks a lot to both of you for helping me and everyone constantly, that's very kind of you and builds up an excellent archive for future google searches of other clueless folks.
General / Re: Attract only works in window mode.
« Last post by Oomek on Today at 10:35:23 AM »
Would someone please experiencing the black screen on exit provide the following:

gpu brand and model
Windows 10 version and build number.
(Press Win+R and type winver and press enter)

When we are able to reproduce the problem maybe we could also find a solution for a black screen in fullscreen mode.
Themes / Re: "Blue Ring AM" Theme
« Last post by iOtero on Today at 05:38:52 AM »
Keilmiller, how are you going with the creation of the Raspbian + Attract-Mode + Retroarch img for raspberry pi?
Scripting / Re: Issue with surface?
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Today at 03:32:49 AM »
It’s been an ongoing issue. Right now I’m running 2.5.1 including that commit. I’m going to do a partial rewrite anyways, but it’s a head scratcher and I’m trying to clean up little bugs here and there.

Something happened in my last upgrade (I changed config too) where when navigating, it’s only 1 game per press when before I could hold a key for rapid next games.? Frame rate went up a lot. Navigating 450 games would be painful.

Lack of free disk space and adobe flash likely to blame for poor performance. My kids watch YouTube and occasionally I have to reboot after.
Themes / Re: Theme to demonstrate CRT shaders
« Last post by keilmillerjr on Today at 03:21:28 AM »
My iMac that I had to take a loan out for is now officially obsolete due to Mac OS X changing video requirements. I wish Apple would stop all these GUI enhancements and kept it simple like OS9. I don’t need 10 ways to open an app. I would much prefer clicking shutdown and having an instant black screen like on my 333mhz and 433mhz macs with os9.
General / Re: Attact-Mode 2.5.1 Ubuntu Bionic won't launch
« Last post by Favdeacon on Today at 12:37:18 AM »
Please tell us exactly step-by-step what you did to install libcurl and how you try to (re-)install Attract Mode.

Is your installation file called attract_2.5.1-0ubuntu1.bionic_amd64.deb? If not, what's its name? Where did you save it? (If we know that, we could tell you how to install it from the command line to get more messages about the installation.)
Scripting / Re: Issue with surface?
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Today at 12:35:02 AM »
I couldn't help noticing that Arcadeflow seems to be running extremely slow in that video :O is that a recording issue or is it really that slow? I seem to remember that your system is pretty fast so I'm surprised...
Themes / Re: Theme to demonstrate CRT shaders
« Last post by zpaolo11x on Today at 12:31:24 AM »
Changing the version number in the shaders works fine for macOS

Good to know! I know it's not good practice but I discovered that to keep portability it's better to develop for the older OpenGL standard...
General / Re: Roms into subfolders
« Last post by progets on Yesterday at 10:53:43 PM »
@firewater - I understand your desire to use sub folders. Do you still need help launching "Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2" or are we talking about what might work best for your setup having everything in folders?

To fix your "Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2" issue you could try this (assuming your AM emulator is called "PlayStation"):
1. Create a folder called M:\Media\Games\Platform\PlayStation\Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2
2. Create an text file in the new directory called M:\Media\Games\Platform\PlayStation\Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2\Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2.m3u and add entry like this
Code: [Select]
"M:\Media\Games\Platform\PlayStation\Gran Turismo 2\Gran Turismo 2 (Disc 2).chd"
3. rebuild your romlist
4. creating a folder called \AttractMode\romlists\PlayStation
5. create a text file called \AttractMode\romlists\PlayStation\Gran Turismo 2 Disc 2.cfg and add an entry like this
Code: [Select]
Custom Arguments "[romfilename]\[name].m3u" -L "cores\mednafen_psx_libretro.dll"
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