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Scripting / star animation,, AM retropie
« on: Yesterday at 09:00:16 PM »
has any one got the star animation to work in AM on raspberry pie?

Scripting / Re: WIP Layout Builder
« on: Yesterday at 08:43:21 PM »
thank god
 you are a huge asset to this site.....bro

cant wait to try it!...........peace

Themes / Re: ArcadeSD layout?
« on: May 18, 2017, 07:40:55 AM »
Music option added...

marquee wheel has been adjusted....

background stars have been fixed now fly from behind....


plus a 2sec look at the end of somthing im porting over from ES.

get their...

Themes / Re: ArcadeSD layout?
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:33:23 PM »

beta will be out this Sun night if and or buts...
here is a preview of the beta ,,vertical will be a suprize.

changes from the first one , you can see are

1. Switched from Conveyor.nut  to  Carrier.nut
this fixed the stare stuttering as long as use like FSResizer
on all your snaps,, so you wont get any "faild to load blabla.png" in your script.

2. Had to resize everything in the layout.

working on making the stars move from behind middle out,, instead of from side out..

here is a sample of the beta...  notice smothe and no stuttering! 
this is what has put this way behind...


now is the time for any last requests,,,to on off?

Themes / Re: ArcadeSD layout?
« on: May 17, 2017, 09:19:19 PM »
thanks omegaman....this works..for it

local flx = fe.layout.width;
local fly = fe.layout.height;
local flw = fe.layout.width=2000;
local flh = fe.layout.height= 400;
fe.layout.preserve_aspect_ratio = true;

well now i have no excuse not to release it...  i have fri off and will test it
also will test it on the pi -3 and then give it away!

Themes / Re: ArcadeSD layout?
« on: May 17, 2017, 08:10:21 AM »
yes their is a reason,  i cant get the carrier.nut to be able to a just the flx* and  fly*  unresponsive?

//Carrier( carrierPosX, carrierPosY, carrierWidth, carrierHeight, tilesCount, tilesOffscreen, tilePadding[, selectorImage, backgroundImage] )
local carrier = Carrier( 0, 0, 900, 300, 3, 3, 80, 0, 0 )

if any one knows how to fix this this would be i can release it...i sent a shout out
to the creator "Oomek" but haven't heard back yet...

General / romlist Q:
« on: May 15, 2017, 09:20:33 AM »
hay all... was wondering if any one has seen this...

in the romlist folder  ie: you have a "snes" .txt file that is scraped..with all the usual name, year

but now i have some folders in that file that say "snes" "sega" and in these folders are

game name.cfg files,   hear is one of them

overview Tetris is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Bullet Proof Software, which was released in Japan in 1988.

how did i get this?
is their a magictokin to call this file?

it's pretty cool im wondering if i dragged it out of one of my pi images  ,,but im on pc when i found it
testing some other stuff

thanks for any info....

Themes / Re: MaximusArcade "display_menu" release....
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:51:26 AM »
they are just the ones included with MA, if you need moor just make it or find on the net..
as for the other you need to set your left right under "controls" and you should be good..

not as easy as you think....but up brother......

a lot of flare.......if that is what you like.

yes....i am

Themes / Re: no image for exit button
« on: April 16, 2017, 02:12:54 PM »
if you are using the "Display_menu"

add your art and name it  IE:     "exit attract-mode.png"     "exit attract-mode.jpg"    ext........

Themes / Re: [CONCEPT] NEON Theme
« on: April 15, 2017, 06:18:07 PM »
I've come up with the idea last night of a Neon Theme and I need your feedback. Would you like me to make that kind of theme? Feel free to post any suggestions.

i relay like this just the way you have don it...the only thing i would include is
so that one can change to a few diff neon colors,,  because for me i would need this to be
Green neon...for sure , allows you to match different cabs themes...should  be nice..

Themes / Re: Big Name Theme
« on: April 12, 2017, 06:42:42 PM »

i like that you rely think out side box on your themes....

can we see it in action maybe a utube-vid? soon

Themes / Re: Girl playing video games
« on: April 09, 2017, 08:28:38 AM »
go to your emulators folder and make sure that the emulator your using is set up to your path
to what you want to the theme

example: this is mine   for snes

# Generated by Attract-Mode v2.1.0
executable           C:/AM/emu/retroarch/retroarch.exe
args                 "[romfilename]" -L cores/snes9x_libretro.dll
rompath              C:/AM/systems/supernintendo/roms
romext               .zip;.smc;.spc;.srm;.sfc
system               super nintendo
exit_hotkey          Escape
artwork    snap            C:\AM\systems\supernintendo\snaps
artwork    video           C:\AM\systems\supernintendo\video
artwork    wheel           C:\AM\systems\supernintendo\wheel

Themes / MaximusArcade "display_menu" release....
« on: April 08, 2017, 06:37:01 PM »
Maximus Arcade  "Display_menu"

in this  new theme iv tried to
recreate the MaximusArcade experience
but with added controls


1.toggle music on off //  with a folder to put your own music file in

2. add scanlines on off

3. choose background // too to choose from.

4. text on off // yousing the classic maximus font..ALBAS_.TTF

5. choose 3 different arrows,

set your controls left and right ,,,for best results

Youtube preview

download =

alt download =

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