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Title: My Neo-Geo theme
Post by: akafox on April 20, 2015, 08:39:00 PM
Yeah it's not the best..and I will change it I am sure. (An 'artist' is never happy with his work right? :P ) But what it is for is well neo-geo only cab. Mame does muticart emulation but it only does one to six games..(yeah like a real neo-geo should that's what mame is about) but you have more than six games? Ok then that's what it's for. Yeah call me crazy..and some have but I would not mind a dedicated neo cab along side my upright. You'll see it shows the mini marquee like a regular marquee but the video area is big because it shows the intro attract mode and changes as you cycle...kinda like a real neo-geo cabinet would. MAME will do that by itself....but AM does it better :P

(EDIT: I noticed the layout never got uploaded! I'll fix that..sorry folks!)