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Title: fs-uae uuid import to attractmode
Post by: chepre on February 21, 2018, 01:11:36 AM
here is my way to import fs-uae uuid to attractmode:
use fsuae importer to create folders and files
use dir command (dos) and create a list.txt with folders and filename
edit list to create the romlist.txt (i use excel and use name(uuid);title,..... - save list as csv in excel)
rename csv to romlist.txt (amiga.txt)
create emulator.cfg (amiga.cfg)
now you shoud have all games imported in attractmode
copy all files from fsuae importer to your rom folder
scraping snaps,...:
edit your romlist.txt (copy title and use title for name)
start attractmode and scrape for snaps.....
now edit your romlist.txt and copy back the uuid name to names field.
start renamer tool (advanced renamer) - use romlist.txt and rename snaps, box,... from title to name (uuid)
that's it.
don't know a better way.....
best regards