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Title: Help with getting mame running on a rpi 1
Post by: dbals on June 02, 2015, 07:32:20 AM

I was finally able to get attractmode compiled on my rpi1 with a lot of help  ;) thanks guys.  Here is my next issue-  I keep getting errors when trying to run either mame4all and/or advmame.  I will try to add more info while I'm sitting in front of the pi again tonight but I guess at this point I just wanted to start a thread.  I would prefer using advmame because it is my understanding that it supports xml list info (I hope I am right about this) while mame4all does not.  What I hope to have is just several dozen 4-way games e.g. Donkey Kong (set1) and Donkey Kong (Japan).

So far I have tried unzipping compiled versions of both in the directory home/pi/mame with the roms being in home/pi/mame/roms.  In attractmode these directories look as follows $HOME/mame and $HOME/mame/roms (this needs to be done to generate any list as $HOME/pi/mame does not generate a list).  When I run a game I get an error. I will post more about the error later tonight.

What I'm hoping for is maybe is a little help and/or how to on making sure the precompiled mame(s) are working via command line.  I say this because when I run mame or advmame (run in terminal in the mame folder) I get an error saying no such command.

I'm sorry for such the noobish questions

Title: Re: Help with getting mame running on a rpi 1
Post by: nitrogen_widget on June 02, 2015, 11:08:22 AM

error messages would be helpful but i'll offer some guidance.

A few things.
advmame is hit or miss on X-windows & it seems to be because of un-accelerated SDL 1.2 on RPI2.
I can't even imagine trying to run advmame on a rpi1 under X.

mame4all seems to work better in either environment but doesn't always fill the screen.
There is a version of mame4all that does scale to full screen though like advmame out there, i don't have the link off-hand but it's talked about on the RPI forum's mame4all thread.
For the rom list for mame4all I created an XML with advmame and just paired it down by eliminating the stuff I didn't use & set a filter to only display exisiting roms.
You could also use Attract mode to generate the gamelist then just use that for mame4all also since the rom names I believe are the same between the two versions.

if you put the binary file in /usr/local/bin/ it will run from anywhere in a command line.
If not you need to run it as "./advmame" from the directory you installed it in.

both emulators have config files that tell it where to look for roms also that you need to set.
advmame creates an config file in it's own hidden directory in the user account the first time you run it so you need to tell pcmanfm to show hidden files.

Title: Re: Help with getting mame running on a rpi 1
Post by: dbals on June 02, 2015, 07:20:34 PM
I am so sorry, the problem turned out to be that 7zip wasn't installed  :-[

Sorry again,