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Title: Does AM reset mednafen.cfg ?
Post by: naoto.awai on June 09, 2019, 10:01:20 AM
Emu4crt is a fork of mednafen to be used with 15 khz screen. (

I'm using the last release of emu4crt with Attract Mode 2.5.1 on Windows 7 pro x64.
I'm also using Calamity's driver to output @15 kHz

Emu4crt folder is placed inside my home directory, so I don't have to worry about Windows write-restrictions.
I've manually changed the following parameters in mednafen.cfg:

Code: [Select]
video.fs 1

video.resolution_switch super

When I run emu4crt from command line, everything works as It's supposed to.
Even if I exit and re-launch the .exe hundred times, the updated mednafen.cfg is stored without any changes.

If I run emu4crt from Attract Mode, only at the first launch full screen and super resolutions works.
This happens because mednafen.cfg is correctly read.

When I exit from Attract Mode to Windows desktop, the following mednafen.cfg lines are lost:

Code: [Select]
;Enable time synchronization(waiting) for frame blitting.
video.blit_timesync 1

;Deinterlacer to use for interlaced video.
video.deinterlacer weave

;Attempt to disable desktop composition.
video.disable_composition 1

;Video output driver.
video.driver default

;Enable frameskip during emulation rendering.
video.frameskip 1

;Enable fullscreen mode.
video.fs 1

;Display to use with fullscreen mode.
video.fs.display -1

;Attempt to synchronize OpenGL page flips to vertical retrace period.
video.glvsync 1

;Video resolution switch (0, native or super).
video.resolution_switch super

If I don't manually add them, Attract Mode launches emu4crt with a default mednafen.cfg that doesn't include the lines shown above.

Any ideas ?

Thank You in advance!

I've posted the same issue on ( where the official emu4crt thread resides.

Title: Re: Does AM reset mednafen.cfg ?
Post by: dukpoki on June 09, 2019, 07:43:30 PM
A simple solution would be to right click mednafen cfg and check read-only.
Title: Re: Does AM reset mednafen.cfg ?
Post by: naoto.awai on June 10, 2019, 12:23:01 AM
It works!
Thank you

It seems to be a Windows related problem rather than an AM or emu4crt problem