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Emulators / Re: retroarch genssis-gx core 4-player
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:50:42 PM »
ah ok thanks, I read somewhere else where they stated p3 & p4  had other options than RetroPad and that threw me down the wrong rabbit hole. It works when I make p1 and p2 to 3 button + 4way I just need to map my controls properly it seems.

Emulators / Re: retroarch genssis-gx core 4-player
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:21:48 PM »
hey akafox when you said it didn't work the first time did you have to do the install again or just relaunch?

I am having this issue when I enter the rui, player3 and 4 only option is Retropad. If I make p1/p2 3 button with 4way I get the 4 players in the game however player1 and 3 use the same controls :(

I am trying to make P1 and P2 use the current controls which are from the mini-pac board (keyboard) and P3 and P4 from USB analog joysticks ( PowerA MINI PROEX). I have the buttons already mapped correctly in retroarch.cfg for p1/p2 and they work fine.

I removed the megadrive install, rebooted then installed from source and rebooted. I still only have the Retropad options for P3/P4.

The rgui shows 1.6.0 - Genesis Plus GX v1.7.4 if that means anything to anyone ;)

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