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I got a little further and figured out how to change the name of the emulator by going in to the attract mode\emulators folder and manually renaming the cfg file for the emulator in question. I'm now trying to get it to hook up properly and am hitting 2 separate issues...

1. in Retroarch UI i added the retroarch emulator back in as it was removed with the re-name. Now, for Capcom Play System II, Capcom Play Sysetm III, and Microsoft MSX2 i get the error "You have no default emulator set for this system. Unless you have configured every single game to use an alternate emulator no roms will be found, do you still want to run the audit?"

2. for Microsoft MSX the emulator was already set up after the change, but when i go to the games tab and click the button to scan for games, it does absolutely nothing (before the rename when it was simply "MSX" it found all the games in the folder. I have double checked that the emulator settings have the right extension and the rom path is still correct. Check on both accounts. So what could this issue be now that it can no longer find any games under RocketlauncherUI or inside attract mode?


Hi All,

I have been getting builds from this youtuber to build for my new GPD Win 2:

and on 4 systems (Capcom Classics 2, Capcom Classics 3, MSX, MSX2) i get this error:

Your systemName is: <Capcom Classics 2/Capcom Classics 3/MSX/MSX2>
it is not one of the known supported systems for this
retroarch module: RetroArch

My setup is built over RocketLauncherUI and has Retroarch configured as the emulator/module.

I have been trying EVERYTHING to get this sorted out. I have tried changing the system name for the MSX emulators to "Microsoft MSX" so retroarch would recognize them, but attract mode does not allow you to modify the system name in the emulator settings. I have tried inside RocketLauncherUI to change the emulator to a custom one, i have tried in rocketlauncher and attract mode to change the system names, i have tried adding the MAME module for capcom 2 and 3, etc. Talking HOURS for several evenings trying to get past this error.

How do i go about resolving this issue?

Many thanks in advance! I have been searching for this error and the resolution but have been coming up dry. I'm REALLY hoping somebody can help me resolve this one!

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