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Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: November 08, 2018, 11:51:09 AM »
Thank you for the awesome feedback and bug reporting.

I can easily tackle the bugs when I get some free time.

I’m not sure if your requested feature is possible as a plugin. I’ll investigate. The issue will be calling a variable from a layout. I think they are “sandboxed”. If so, it would have to utilize a module to set a global variable and hopefully plugin would read it after layout. I’ve been trying to keep this a plugin. I could replicate how hyperspin does it 100%, but it would have to be integrated into each theme and not an easy global thing.

Greetings and thanks for investigating this. I didn't know that the variables from layouts were sandboxed in AM, I was assuming that plug-ins could perhaps read the "video_duration" and "video_time" properties directly from the active layout when needed. Hopefully this might be possible with your 'helpers' module without the need to manually modify all layouts until AM perhaps officially supports this functionality. Keep up the good work and best regards.

Scripting / Re: Problem plugin - Random
« on: November 07, 2018, 02:53:32 AM »
Greetings and many thanks to Mr. keilmillerjr for this very useful sequencer plug-in. This functionality should indeed be built in with AM.

I wonder if it is possible for this plug-in to detect when the snap-video is finished and start the sequencer when the video is finished instead of a manual timer? (similar to HyperSpin "wait for video" option before Attract wheel-scrolling starts).

Keep up the good work and best regards.

/Edit: Report of some minor issues:

* sequencer plug-in interrupts the built-in AM screensaver functionality. (it would be great to pause the sequencer while screensaver is active). It is a non-issue for me since I just disable the AM screensaver and use this sequencer plug-in instead as a live attract-mode screensaver.

* sequencer plug-in timer starts counting even while a intro video is playing during the start of AM. (this can only be an issue for those that are using longer intro videos.)

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