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hey, this is excellent work. I have a question, where did you get the roms overviews in Spanish? or did you translate one by one?

Skraper(dot)net, with their APP

For all, im working hard now on finish the theme. This project is totally alive!
Im sorry to dont show anything in some time, that's because these weeks i worked on debug the code, because it was big bunch of redundant lines. I finished that work, being able to remove about 1500 lines of code without lose any functionality (that means less CPU charge, fluidicity and useability on low specs bundles).

Now im implementing a game editor that overwrittes the default one of AM. Its a hard work, but im on the good path, i expect to be able to show a new teaser soon.
Thanks all for your kind words about the theme  :D

And, OFC, also new functionalities like a new settings option, new lines in the stats section and some visual improvements.

Themes / Re: Elegante theme showcase [example video and screenshots] [WIP]
« on: September 27, 2020, 05:23:49 AM »
Just bumping the theme to let people know that the proyect is alive!

I need betatesters if someone is interested.

Would be amazing if the testers had some of that languages:
English (native), portuguese, french, or german.

New functions:
-Music player integrated.
-New game stats bypass the AM internal, storing last play date and making a file with most played games and last played games.
-Possibility to enable/disable entire categories.
-New algorithm that stores the stats dinamically and makes the display Stats to load instant.
-New option to scan counters once and then updates it dinamically.
-Added Portugese, French and German languages.
-Reworked the Arcade display with a 3D cabinet.
-Configured the right joystick to scroll game descriptions.
-Added the display for controls (still WIP).

Added more languages.

The theme will come with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Galician.

If someone wants to help adding other languages or correcting someone of the existent, please contact me!

Looking that the theme is becoming to get some interest for the fellow users of this community, i make another video, this time showing how works the function to count games, make romlists and extract overviews and GAME GENRES/CATEGORIES without a catver.ini file, using a MAME folder only with ROMS, nothing more.

Hope you like it!

Do the songs come out randomly or only the one you put in the layout comes out? Is there a way to put several and play them randomly or in order? Cada vez me gusta mas ;D

The songs are random. The only you need is to put sound files(mp3,mp4,ogg, etc...) in the music folder inside the theme folder , then the plugin scan the directory, stores in a array every sound file and then reproduces it with a random generated order. Its just the AudioMode Plugin.

question how is it your able to show how many games are in each system?

didn't think this was possible yet,,

Yes its possible thanks to the file() module:
The theme launch a code that reads every single romlist.txt from your romlist folder, count the lines and then storing the number of lines in a array (each line/game is a entry of the array), OFC the system ignores the lines that start with #.

Then the code writes a lane in the system.txt romlist, in the ;tag; of rating. With a foreach loop, the theme gets how many lines are in each system (how many strings in each array), then put a +1 for each line scanned, and finally writes the number of lines (equal to games) in the system.txt ;rating; tag (ignoring too the lines that start with #).

When this is done, the number of games becomes a tag that can be called with the magic token [Rating] or a function to get the game_info(Info.Rating).


This time showing how work the internal XML scrapper. I deleted all the info from a System (SNES) and then run the new function that reads the .xml file and makes a full romlist, a full set of filters and gets all the overviews avaliable for each game.

I show too the finished stats display and a new display that stores the last played games and gives the chance to replay them.

Its hard to explain... Just see :D

Increible theme ya estaba buscando uno asi, te esta quedando brutal. Solo queria añadir una cosa que he visto que le falta a mi parecer:segun he visto en el video cuando pasas por los distintintos juegos y sale abajo a la izquierda la descripcion del mismo no se detiene y reinicia al cambiar de juego, no se si me explico, el desplazamiento al cambiar de juego sigue avanzando en lugar de reiniciarse lo cual si avanzas varios juegos la descripcion del ese juego ya ira por la mitad en lugar de empezar por la primera linea.

Incredible theme I was already looking for one like this, it's getting brutal. I just wanted to add one thing that I have seen that is missing in my opinion: as I have seen in the video when you go through the different games and comes out at the bottom left the description of the game does not stop and restarts when you change games, I do not know if I explain, the displacement when changing games continues to advance instead of restarting which if you advance several games the description of that game and go in half instead of starting from the first line.

Yeah, im working on it. Its a little bug, that will wont happen in the final version.

In other way, i have good news. I completed the code for a internal semi-scraper. If the user puts a .XML file inside the specific  system ROM folder, the theme can read the .xml, make a full rom list, make .tags to sort games by genre, year of release, developer, etc etc etc, updates the rom counter number, scan and setup overviews, etc etc etc. Just it makes everything possible with the info provided by the .XML.
Im working on finish the details and debug code, then i will make a video demo showing how it works.

Gracias por tus palabras paisano ¡Un abrazo!


Settings layout DONE. Now the use can manage the theme functionalities direct on the theme, without using the AM layout config.

In other hand. I need more testers, if someone want to test the theme and help me as betatester for discover bugs and points of improvement, i will send him a beta.

And, if someone can help me with the language, his help will be amazingly welcome too. I would like to add more languages (now i have Spanish, English, Galician and Italian / i would like to add at least French and German since are really important languages that i miss on the theme). English correction would be appreciated too, since as you can see, my english is "ok" but not enough as for translate a user interface (my native languages are galician and spanish).

Ofc, everyone that helps me, as beta tester, or as a translator, will get his name/nickname in the layout credits!

edit: New Video-Demo of the theme:

Stats layout done, fully functional.

The first public release is coming  ;D

It looks great! How did you do to count ROMs? Could you send me your WIP please?

I did in 2 ways, its a configurable option.

1 way is a real time checker, scanning the romlist .txt files and showing how many lines without # the file has.
The other way is to do the same as the first, but only when the user pick a option for scan roms, then the theme store the info in a .txt file with the name of the system and the number of roms.

The first way is automatic, but eats CPU and RAM when the system has to manage large rom sets. The second way, need user interaction to update, but its way faster, cause the system only needs to read a few lines from a single .txt

Yeah ofc i send you a link to test the teme. Take in care that is a beta in his early development, so expecto some bugs and problems. Please, let me know your feedback to depure the issues and make the faster possible a stable release that can share to everyone.

By the moment, i will only betas to interested user. I sent you a PM with the link.

This is because the work is not finished, and i dont want people take bad feelings about the theme. I will publish an open beta when the theme is tested and its running on the majority of usual systems.

·ATM i have this test:
PC - Windows 10 + Monitor 16:9 (1920x1080) - > Native res on what theme was coded.
PC - Windows 10 + Monitor 16:9 (all res) - > OK
PC - Windows 10 + TV 49" 16:9 -> OK

I would like to test in Linux distributions (and other machines like Raspberries, etc) and, ofc, in arcade cabinets and other resolutions, specially 4:3 res.

BUMP, this time with a video showing the new rom list. A listing with entire new code instead of using the classic and basic romlist() feature. This makes possible the implementation of features like animations, background images and different possitions of the list entrys.

Still i need some more testers for the teme and suggestions to improve the theme. If you are interested on test the beta, or you have a nice idea and want to see it realized on a attract mode theme, just PM me  ;D

BUMP with a new video demo. This time, is a video to show the functionality and responsiveness of the theme, with the new animations and the module that automatically count ROMS and systems in real time.

(there is no music on the video, its only to show the theme working)

Im finishing the alpha, so, soon i will start to give betas to interested ones.
If someone want want to be a close beta tester, please let me know in this post or sending me a PM.

One suggestion, you definitely do not want arcade games with a widescreen monitor. That's taboo.

I know man, but think that no everyone can has a cabinet or a CRT in their house, and people want to play arcade too in their TVs or PCs.
That's why i made a preconfigured full set of bezels for every single emulator the theme includes, with the same images and style of the theme. People can play the games and keep the 4:3 resolutions without ugly black bars  ;D

I was referencing your layout. It has a generic cabinet with a widescreen monitor, stretching the image.

Wow, true man. I will change it ASAP.

---> edit: i reworked the cabinet following your tip. THANKS!

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