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General / Re: Marquee screen
« on: August 01, 2020, 07:46:16 AM »
OK, I was able to fix this via the usual "change stuff until you find something that works" method. In my case, I'm running running MAME on Windows 7. The fix was to switch from using OpenGL to Direct 3D in mame.ini. I guess MAME's OpenGL renderer kicks Attract Mode off of the secondary display, even though it is not supposed to touch it. With Direct 3D, MAME doesn't seem to mess with Attract Mode's marquee display on the second monitor.

I guess that the reason why VNC was forcing things to work is that it forced everything through some sort of software renderer.

To be clear, I'm not letting MAME know about the second monitor. AM is control of the marquee. Here's the relevant section of my mame.ini:

Code: [Select]
video                     d3d
numscreens                1
window                    0
maximize                  1
waitvsync                 1
syncrefresh               0
monitorprovider           auto

And with that solved, my cab is now pretty much complete. Yeah!

General / Re: Marquee screen
« on: July 12, 2020, 12:47:47 PM »
I have the same issue. I'm using Mame 64 on Windows 7, and have multimon enabled. Every time MAME starts up. the marquee display flips back to displaying the desktop.

I tried the settings mentioned:

  • The taskbar has been hidden all along. That didn't help anything
  • Block mode wait settings from 1 to 5 didn't work.
  • Changing the display size of the marquee also din't have an effect.
  • I don't have another emulator I want to run on this system, and don;t feel like setting one up just for debugging purposes. I did a test by creating a batch file that does nothing for 10 seconds and then quits. The marquee display doesn't get cleared, but then again neither does the main AM screen. So I guess that's not a good test. Maybe I can try something like launching a browser in kiosk mode to emulate another emulator.

I did find one weird sort of workaround. While I was debugging, the marquee screen would remain up after launching MAME once in a while. This caused me to tear my hair out until I figured out what was going on while writing this response. It turns out the marquee doesn't get cleared when MAME launches if I have an open VNC (remote desktop) connection to my arcade system. I sometimes use VNC to remotely access the arcade cabinet to tweak stuff because I often don't have a keyboard connected to it.  My guess is that the VNC server changes how the screen is rendered somehow, which somehow prevents the marquee screen from being wiped. I wonder if there is some sot of graphics level conflict between AM and MAME that causes a conflict?

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